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At EDI Staffing, we understand that the people you employ are crucial in achieving success. Though finding the right person for the job is extremely important, it’s often a serious challenge. That’s where we come in.

Since 1994, our team has honed niche knowledge of the staffing industry to connect great professionals with great client partners. We have built a proprietary database with more than three million IT professionals, enabling us to locate talent that can support our clients with virtually any commercially available system.

Regardless of the volume of relationships, we invest the time and energy to get to know the wants and needs of each individual. With the majority of our team having over ten years of experience each, we’ve learned to effectively identify strengths in our clients’ skills, work history, background, job preferences, and identify what characteristics are worth improving upon the most. This greatly aids the search for the ideal match between the best companies that need quality employees, and the brightest talent available.

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Unmatched experience

We have experience building world-class IT teams across industries. As such, we know how to recognize the level of talent that is required to get the job done. Success in IT requires the right mix of cultural, personal, moral, and technical skills in order to meet deadlines on time and within budget. So, while you focus on completing your projects, we are hard at work reading resumes, conducting phone screens and administering technical aptitude tests in order to find the person with the right professional, cultural, and personal match for your team.

You work hard for your deadlines. We work hard for your team.

Not your average staffing firm

We connect IT professionals with top-notch teams around the world, but unlike many other staffing firms, we believe in the long-term approach when it comes to finding top talent. For almost three decades, we have built literally hundreds of relationships and a proven process that initiates worthwhile connection between employer and potential employee. EDI Staffing gets to know individuals on both a professional and personal level to understand their aptitudes and goals, and align them with a company who would most benefit from that particular individual.

It’s simple. With EDI staffing, you can expect candidates with the experience, culture-fit, responsiveness and professionalism that your jobs demand.

How we can help

EDI Staffing is a staffing solutions firm focusing on the areas of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)Information Technology (IT) SolutionsHealthcare Information TechnologyHuman Resources / Admin, and  Finance / Accounting. We address our clients’ staffing needs through short-term and permanent placements along with consulting and Professional Services. Learn More

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