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IT Director

  • Location: Avenel, NJ
  • Start Date: 6/24/2024
  • Job ID: 24-00344
  • Posting Date: 6/24/2024
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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The IT director is responsible for all computer functions in the company including ERP, EDI, network infrastructure, internet connections, PCs, and Macintosh computers.

The ERP is a locally developed package written in RPG for the AS400 or IBM System i. Programming is done by the company that developed the software.

Company uses EDI to communicate with retail customers, warehouses, and our freight forwarder. EDI mapping and programming is currently done by the ERP software provider. The EDI translator is from Cleo (formerly from Extol).

Skills and responsibilities
Meet with employees of the company to understand their information needs and arrange for software to meet those needs.

Good working knowledge of the business processes for importing and selling to retailers. Apparel industry experience preferred.

Be able to review code in RPG III and RPG free
Use SQL to extract and validate data.
Maintain user profiles
Configure Access Client Solutions
Maintain device descriptions
Keep operating system up to date
Apply PTFs and firmware updates.

Understand EDI specifications and mapping, 850/856/810/860/940/945/832/846
Work with VANs
FTP scripting

Work with IT services company
PCs, network hardware, internet connections, firewall, cyber security.
Office 365
Macintosh services company
Hands on PC and network support
Posted by Robyn Wolf
Technical Resource Manager
(800) 821-4644 x