Mobile applications allow businesses to engage with a wide audience of smartphone and tablet users.

Mobile OS/Application Development

By developing a mobile app for iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows devices, your business can build and strengthen relationships with your customers. For example, a mobile app can make it easy for customers to shop your online store on a mobile-friendly interface, potentially increasing sales for your e-commerce business. You can also use mobile apps to inform customers of upcoming promotions or send them personalized marketing messages

Quality assurance is a key part of application design, as you must ensure that your app delivers a consistently good user experience. Apps should be easy to use and free from major bugs on their release.

At EDI Staffing, we can find you the right resource for your mobile OS needs. Whatever your need is, we have the tools necessary to match the right candidate with your open contract, contract to hire or permanent need.

Areas of Expertise:

  • iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, QA, User Interface Design, User Experience, Application Design, Unit & Functional Testing, HTML, PHP, Java and more.
  • Web Design and Mobile Apps Development:Web Architects, Web Designers, Web Developers, Web Administrators ex. JavaScript, HTML/XML, CSS, Visual Studio
  • eCommerce Site Design, Development, and Administration
  • Project Managers, Business Analysts, System Analysts
  • … and more

Getting the right mobile development expert to work on your app can be tough, whether you are considering working with a consultant or hiring a permanent staff member. EDI Staffing can facilitate and speed up this crucial process, allowing you to quickly move on to developing your app. When you don’t have to waste time searching for the right expert to work with, meeting your deadlines becomes much easier and less stressful.
Our team includes technical contractors who have the skills to help you develop a successful mobile app or OS. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have a database of over 4 million active and passive qualified candidates. Our team can help you with any stage of your application design or unit and functional testing. No matter how unique your mobile app development needs, we can provide the help you need to meet them — and fast.

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