Resources for Professionals

EDI Transaction Glossary

View common EDI transaction codes for electronic data interchange including EDI transactions for retail, 3PL logistics, manufacturing, finance, supply chain, HIPAA, and other industries that utilize EDI.

CICA XML Schemas

View active XML schemas and CICA documents by subcommittee for finance, government, transportation, insurance as well as communication and controls.

RosettaNet Standards & Partner Interface Process (PIP)

View the latest RosettaNet Standards and Partner Interface Process (PIP) descriptions and diagrams by process area in PDF format.

EDI and B2B Professional Whitepaper

The World Without Us, a 16-page whitepaper discussing the results of a 2013 EDI/B2B industry survey, is available as a free download.

EDI Trading Partners

View a list of current EDI Trading Partners that our experts work with at EDI Specialists.

UN / EDIFACT Standards & Messages

Learn more about EDIFACT standards and EDIFACT messages from the United Nations Directories for Electronic Data Interchange for administration, commerce, and transportation.

Competitive Salary Analysis

Find out if the salary you are offering is in line with both the local and national average with our free analysis.

Social Recruiting Strategies 101 Guide

Learn the top five tips for social recruiting success with our one-page guide.

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