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Senior Software Engineer - API Devops

  • Location: Richmond, VA
  • Start Date: 3/15/2024
  • Job ID: 24-00158
  • Posting Date: 3/15/2024
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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Our client is looking for a highly skilled and experienced Senior Software Engineer with a focus in DevOps to lead our software architecture, design, and DevOps initiatives. The ideal candidate will be passionate about mentoring, possess a strong foundation in multiple programming languages, and have extensive experience in DevOps practices. This role involves close collaboration with our development team and systems administrators, to manage resources efficiently, ensuring the seamless delivery of high-quality software solutions.

  • Foster a culture of learning and mentorship among the development team.
  • Consistently share best practices and improve processes within and across teams.
  • Actively participate in code reviews, providing insights into coding best practices and improvements.
  • Architect and design software solutions utilizing a microservices/event-driven architecture, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance.
  • Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines, automating the software delivery process.
  • Administer container orchestration environments (EKS and Fargate), optimizing for efficiency and security.
  • Manage AWS resources effectively, implementing best practices in cloud architecture.
  • Collaborate with systems administrators to manage AWS resources used by the development team to ensure security and scalability.
  • Participate in requirements meetings with both internal and external stakeholders to translate business and functional needs into technical solutions. This process includes the creation of supporting documentation such as use cases, designs, flowcharts, models, specifications, and reports.
  • Coordinate testing efforts with trading partners and cross functional teams to make sure that all elements of a data integration are as designed.
  • Communicate confidently with internal and external customers.
  • Participate in an on-call rotation for after hours, weekend and holiday support.
  • Comply with company C-TPAT and TSA security procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  • Demonstrated expertise in API development, encompassing design, implementation, and maintenance of RESTful services, as well as integration with external systems to ensure scalability, security, and performance optimization.
  • Advanced proficiency in Javascript, Node.js, React/Next.js, Typescript and Python coding languages.
  • In-depth knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, SQS, EKS, etc.
  • Familiarity with VPC Networking, security groups, firewalling, and DNS is preferred, but associate level or higher AWS certification is preferred.
  • Experience utilizing APIM tools, with a preference for Kong.
  • Proven ability in developing and deploying serverless architectures using AWS Lambda.
  • Solid experience in establishing CI/CD pipelines utilizing Jenkins, GitHub, and various open-source tools.
  • Advanced proficiency in provisioning AWS resources via Terraform.
  • In-depth experience in designing and implementing container-based solutions with DockerHub and Kubernetes.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and a dedication to high-quality software development practices.
  • Excellent communication abilities, coupled with a strong drive for mentoring and promoting team growth.
  • Working knowledge of Relational databases is required.
Posted by Aaron Goldblatt
Technical Resource Manager
(800) 821-4644 x