“We have completed the planned 3-year conversion from all of our legacy EDI systems (around 12 systems – 20 customers – some multiple recurrences) in 2.5 years. I/T has recently received intra company publicity for getting this project done ahead of schedule and on budget. We could not have done it without you guys.”

- I/T Applications Manager, Packaging Solutions Industry

“Upon receiving very little response to our advertisements for an EDI expert, we contacted EDI Staffing for help. Not only are they consistently friendly, professional, accommodating, and efficient, they are genuinely interested in our business model. By really understanding what we do, they succeed in matching us with the best candidates for our open positions. And that’s just what they did. We found the perfect match for our project need. She not only embodies the skill set we desired, but is a great fit for our organization. Our experience with EDI Staffing has been extremely positive and we heartily recommend them to other organizations with similar needs.”

- Testing Manager, Healthcare Industry

“It has been a pleasure working with you and your company. The resources you have provided made a huge difference in the quality of our testing.”

- Senior Vice President, Healthcare Industry

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for all the help, encouragement, professional opinions, etc. that I received from you and EDI Staffing over the past 16+ years. I hired full-time employees and many consultants from your company and have always felt like you had our backs and made me feel like I was never alone in the decision making process. I feel as though we have been much more than work associates over the years, more like friends.”

- e-Commerce Manager, Imaging Industry

“When we needed resources to upgrade our legacy EDI application to Sterling Integrator, we reached out to EDI Staffing for resources. They were able to find us an excellent EDI mapper in a few days, while our corporate recruiter took weeks. I was the project lead on this upgrade and we were able to complete the project on budget and on-time thanks to the talented resources from EDI Staffing.”

- Michael Kotoyan, Beacon EDI

“It has been my pleasure to work with EDI Staffing over the last seven years. We’ve had a great relationship and they have been very responsive with all of our requirements. In a sometimes-cold world, it’s nice to have a business relationship that is more personal. That’s what EDI Staffing bring to the table.”

- Hiring manager, Electronics Distributor

“[Your consultant] has been absolutely awesome. He has gotten so much more done than originally planned. It has been a blessing to have him these past two weeks. We would definitely look towards using him in the future if the opportunity arises.”

- Hiring Manager, Food Industry

“We’d adopt [your consultant] if we could! He’s a great guy and so good with communication, teamwork, OS, network and Sterling itself…At the beginning of this project, our CIO asked me “do you trust this guy?” My reply: “I’d lay down in front of this fellow’s car!” Thanks a lot for everything – a pleasure doing business with you guys!”

- Hiring Manager, Medical Device Industry

“I wanted to send you a special thank you for all you have done for [client] over the past few years. You easily impress people with your knowledge and the way you handle yourself. When I tell my boss during an issue that we called [you] and are waiting for [you] to call back, everyone's stress level goes down. We know you will come to our rescue.

It has been my pleasure working with you. Your superb understanding of the translator, our processes and everything else 'EDI' has made our lives so much easier. Realizing that you are a call or an email away makes our issues less intense than they are actually are. It has always been reassuring just knowing that you return calls and emails promptly. You can't imagine how many people just don't do that.

Your expert knowledge and easy-going manner (in the worst of times) will get you anywhere you want to go in life. Don't ever change. I wish you and your young family the best of luck in the future. You never know, but our paths might cross again.”

- e-Commerce Manager, Imaging Industry

“FYI [your consultants] did an outstanding job, EDI processing and go live is going great!”

- VP of Information Technology, CPG industry

“I must say, searching for a new job is a huge step and very nerve-racking. Between the interviews and negotiations, having you in my corner was invaluable. You were excellent throughout the entire process. Your knowledge of logistics, such as, to be aware of my audience, how to respond to certain questions, and most importantly to be myself, was vital in helping me accomplish my goal of finding a new job.

I would recommend your company, EDI Specialist Inc. to anyone looking to make a career change and will undoubtedly recommend you to anyone interested in having a knowledgeable, skilled, and caring recruiter working on their side.”

- EDI Professional

“It was this day one year ago when I started a three-month contract with your client. I wanted to say thank you for your help, patience and work during this time. I sincerely believe that it has been your effort, which has helped me to remain in this position for this timeframe! I’ve spoken to other recruiting firms, both individually and collectively you blow them away! I cannot tell you how great it is to know that I represent a top-notch firm – every time my managers have spoken with one of you they have had nothing but praises to share. I have sincerely enjoyed working alongside of you during this contract and greatly appreciate everything you’ve done.”

- EDI Consultant

“I have worked exclusively for EDI Staffing for almost 9 years as a Senior GIS Consultant. During this period of time I have found them to be very responsive to any and all of my concerns that may have arisen, as well as handling all financial matters in a timely fashion.

EDI Staffing also works closely with their customers to ensure that the consultants placed there meet all of their needs. They also look for additional opportunities to better support their customer's needs.

In my experience with the company, EDI Staffing has shown that they do care about their employees as well as their consultants that work for them. Consistently the company provides various 'perks' to everyone that works for them (including consultants) to remind them that they are important to the company as people - not just numbers on the bottom line.

I would have no problem recommending EDI Staffing to fellow consultants that are looking for employment opportunities as either a consultant or full-time employee. Also I know that if I ever get weary with my role as a "road warrior", EDI Staffing would be happy to place me in a company in a full- time position.”

- Senior GIS Consultant