Microsoft BizTalk Consulting and EDI Practice

The foundation of any project, involving BizTalk Server and EDI, lies in understanding the business processes that drive the implementation of BizTalk and EDI. Since 1994, EDI Staffing has been a leader in the EDI/B2B services industry. We have provided many diverse clients with full BizTalk integration and implementation support. With advancements in its EDI capabilities, recent versions of Microsoft BizTalk Server are able to ensure that customers have a robust and proven B2B platform.

We perform all aspects of Microsoft BizTalk consulting and integration including:

  • Proof-of-Concepts
  • Implement redundancy, scalability, and failover in new or existing implementations
  • Performance tuning
  • Base EDI, Covast conversion
  • Estimates/Statements of Work
  • Migrations of existing B2B/EDI environments and other EDI mapping tools / software and other EDI platforms
  • HIPAA, HL7, RosettaNet, and SWIFT Accelerators
  • BizTalk Adapters
  • Communications protocols
  • WSE, WCF, and SharePoint Adapters to facilitate SOA, BPM and ESB scenarios
  • Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS)
  • .NET custom application using ASP.Net, WCF, SQL server, etc.
  • Demonstrations, training, and help with technical documentation
  • Support & testing for all BizTalk environments
  • Remote, ad hoc development
  • Production support (requires minimum 10 hour per week commitment)

We have assembled a team of BizTalk consultants and experts that are unrivaled in the field. Our BizTalk integration specialists are professionals fully versed in the many of BizTalk, EDI, .NET, CRM and related Microsoft technologies. They come with years of working within various verticals, and years of complex integration experiences, making them immediately usable value-added resources to an organization. They possess the knowledge and credentials to ensure your BizTalk Server implementation is a success – and we guarantee the quality of our work. We’re confident that this level of service sets us apart.

If your company is planning to purchase Microsoft BizTalk Server, migrate an existing environment to this newer platform, replace a legacy EDI Translator, or would like an assessment of how well your BizTalk Server platform has been implemented, schedule a conversation today.

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