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EDI Specialists has worked extensively with GXS products since the early 1990s, when GXS was known as GEIS. It goes without saying that a wide variety of upgrades and changes have occurred since then, including the addition of the Inovis suite of products spanning the TrustedLink® software to the Biz family platforms.

EDI Staffing has the largest pool of qualified and experienced GXS resources of any of our competitors. Having been in this business for nearly 20 years, many of the talented professionals on our team are proven specialists – people who have worked with us on multiple occasions – and have the credentials and positive client reviews to back up their years in the field. Our implementation and GXS mapping services cover the full range of products below.

B2B Gateway:

The GXS BizManager® product line includes a complete B2B communications gateway for messaging, mapping, transformation, tracking and auditing B2B transactions. GXS BizManager® was created to integrate and streamline industry standards while ensuring the continuous and secure flow of information, data and documents. Unlike customary integration solutions, BizManager is made for the specific requirements that multi-enterprise B2B data flows call for. This suite of products includes:

  • GXS BizLink™ – enterprise-level GXS product that can run on many, major platforms
  • GXS BizConnect™ – Java-based GXS solution for SMEs and can run under MS Windows
  • GXS BizManager400™ – Java-based GXS solution for the IBM iSeries (AS/400)
  • GXS BizManager™ with Transformation – Robust B2B Gateway product

TrustedLink® – Comprised of three different versions for specific platforms and operating systems:

  • TrustedLink Enterprise (TLE) – UNIX and Windows 2000
  • TrustedLink System i (TLi) – IBM system i and i5 platforms
  • TrustedLink Windows (TLW) – Microsoft Windows platforms

Whether you need simple GXS mapping, or a large-scale migration of your B2B activity from a legacy platform to a new GXS environment, we can help with every aspect of GXS consulting from specification and gap analysis; to development and testing; and TP coordination to production deployment. In addition to our GXS consulting practice, EDI Staffing also provides experienced, permanent GXS candidates for direct placement opportunities. To learn more about our GXS consulting and staffing services, contact us today.

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