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Associate Scientist

  • Location: Trumbell, CT
  • Start Date: 5/14/2024
  • Job ID: 24-00263
  • Posting Date: 5/14/2024
  • Job Type: Contract
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The Associate Scientist plans and performs laboratory assignments in the development of product formulations, measurement of physical properties, validation of performance and analysis of competitive products. The individual draws conclusions based on data, proposes and directs next steps in the development plan and is responsible to drive development activities. The individual further functions as part of an integrated cross functional team.
• Four year college chemistry degree or Associates Degree with relevant industrial experience is required. Relevant formulating experience in consumer packaged goods will be taken into consideration.
• Advanced knowledge of detergents chemistry and ability to understand and carry out standard methods relevant to product development a plus. Experience required to efficiently perform a variety of research experiments and tests including setting up and operation of apparatus and equipment.
• Basic personal computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, and databases are required.
• Strong communication skills are required, as the position involves working in multi-functional project teams, with consumers and 3rd parties.

Here are the manager's top skills that he wants to see in candidates for this request -
Below are some experience and skills.

1. Chemistry lab working experience
2. Safe laboratory practices, chemical handling and disposal.
3. Independent and good communication
4. Time Management

The below is a plus but if no experience, it's ok.

1. Prior formulation experience
2. Prior experience in tracking stability of products
• Develops experimental designs and work plans in the creation of prototype products to meet desired performance metrics.
• Reviews data, provides preliminary interpretation and draws conclusions from data. Proposes next steps and strategies of development efforts.
• Works closely with packaging, process development, and manufacturing during development, and commercialization of relevant products.
• Records detailed observation and data from experiments performed. Keeps lab notebook records current and in good order as a working legal document.
• Plans and schedules project tasks related to laboratory experiments, 3rd party testing and consumer trials.
• Reports project status to team members and management as required.
• Responsible for preliminary interpretation and presentation of data. Reports progress/issues on a timely basis.
• Contributes to the solution of assigned problems through development/modification of test procedures.
• Runs standard and non-standard chemical, physical, or application tests to obtain data to evaluate composition and performance of competitive offerings.
• Assists department staff in lab demonstrations for training programs and customer visits.
• Checks and maintains inventories of raw materials and supplies and maintains work spaces.
• Responsible for safe working conditions (handles dangerous equipment and hazardous chemicals). Is aware of hazards associated with work assigned, observes safe work practices, keeps equipment neat, clean and in safe operating condition, and maintains good housekeeping standards.
• Responsible for following all applicable Federal, State, and Local health, safety, and environmental regulations, as per corporate health, safety and environmental policies.
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Posted by Jeff Armstrong
Technical Recruiter
(800) 821-4644 x 9246