Summer: Warmer Temps = Hot Competition for Job Openings!


As the temps start warming up, so is the competition in the job market. Currently, the balance of power is still with the employer, with unemployment rates in the 9% range. The market has taken a shift from 2008-2009 to where we are today. There are still some very valuable candidates who have been searching for positions and have had activity with interviews, but clients are still hesitant to pull the trigger. The job market is still relatively soft and competition for open positions is at an all-time high. There can be a sense of frustration, from the candidate perspective, with lack of feedback or lack of activity, but that can be attributed to the amount of resumes HR Departments or hiring managers are sifting through. I know it can be discouraging, but employers are still hiring – but sometimes the cycle to hire takes a lot longer than previously. What can make you stand out from the competition is to take your job search seriously, try to keep a track of where you have been submitted, and if you have received feedback. Double submitting a resume does not help a candidate’s chances; it actually hinders his/her chances for success, and reflects negatively on the recruiting firm as well as the candidate. I know the candidate is thinking the more times I can submit my resume to the same client the better – but that is definitely not the case.

Try not to get discouraged in the job search. Look for positions that fit your criteria, but don’t be afraid to seek a position slightly outside your wheelhouse. Remember, managers will ask about gaps in your work history, especially nowadays. On the other hand, don’t just submit your resume to every job in a “stick to the wall” fashion. Keep a log of companies that you have been submitted to – and track whether you have received feedback from organizations or agencies.

Good luck on your job search – stay cool with the warmer temperatures – and let’s all hope the market heats up during the season ahead.

About Andy Oliver

Andy has worked with EDI Staffing since 1999, recruiting for various positions from contract to permanent within a variety of industries and technologies. His recruitment experience has been working predominantly in the Southeast region of the U.S.

Andy has helped the recruiting team at EDI Staffing to grow and utilize the latest technology and trends in the recruiting industry. He is a graduate of UMass Dartmouth with a Bachelor’s in marketing. Andy is the proud parent of two children, Shayna and Lucas, and also enjoys the local Boston Sports teams: Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox.

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