Raising Arizona at the VCF (Vendor Compliance Federation) Fall Conference


Recently my travels took me to scenic Scottsdale, AZ to the VCF (Vendor Compliance Federation) Fall Conference. The Vendor Compliance conference is designed to bring retailers and their suppliers together to ensure communication, collaboration and execution across the supply chain. It was an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders in the areas of vendor compliance, RFID, barcodes, supply chain, ASN’s and data synchronization to name a few. It also seemed to me that several retailers are forecasting the economic environment to improve in 2012 and are working out their budgets in order to launch projects in these areas.

Our discussions with VCF attendees reflected this sense of urgency placed on 2012 and what EDI Specialists, Inc. can provide them to achieve goals and objectives. Retailers and their Suppliers have always been in our core group of verticals but in recent years the overall demand from these companies has cooled off some. It was certainly refreshing to hear talk of investing in technology and resources again. In any event it was great to be back at the VCF (Vendor Compliance Federation) to see old friends and also meet new ones. I have a feeling we’ll be back in the future. My suitcase is packed away for now but one never knows when it will need to be dusted off for my next round of travel. Until the next one, let the thought of a wonderful holiday season and increased 2012 revenues keep you warm this winter.

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