2013 B2B/EDI/e-commerce Research Invitation


We would like to invite our readers to participate in a research opportunity for B2B/EDI/e-commerce professionals. We invite you to take the survey and share your experiences, encounters and more regarding B2B, EDI and e-commerce projects and tasks.

The goal of this exploration is to comprehend the current challenges professionals are confronting with B2B integration, EDI and e-commerce, as well as the technology and approaches used to manage the function of trading partner communication. A further goal is to assist The New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group (NEECOM) to create new and enhance existing career development programs for their members and event attendees.

By participating in this research, you will gain access to the findings and be able to compare your company with your peers in the rest of the industry.

All respondent data will be kept strictly confidential. After the research has been compiled, you will receive a participants-only version of these insights, if you provide a valid company email address. This version of the research findings will only be available to those who participate. This is not a commercial project but conducted for the benefit of active professionals in the end-user community — not solution providers.

Click here to take the survey now.

NEECOM, the Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF), EDI Specialists, and ChainLink Research are mutually sponsoring this research.


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