We Heart Feedback: Help Us Help You Find the Right Candidate


Although February is the shortest month in the year, it always seems to be one of the busiest, at least for me personally. It is time to start thinking of what to get the wife for Valentine’s Day (and let us not forget her birthday). It’s also the month my brother and sister-in-law were born, and I myself joined the party some years ago in February.  Another personal February milestone isn’t quite as celebrated but is almost as important to me, it marks the anniversary of my tenure with EDI Specialists, Inc. In my 7+ years with the company and in the staffing industry, I have learned many lessons. Above all however there lies one main underlying theme that plays a major role in my success and our success: feedback.

Let’s take a second and break this down in its simplest terms.  The reason companies turn to EDI Specialists (or any staffing firm) is to get help in finding the right candidate for their company and their specific position or project.  Typically job descriptions are exchanged, calls are scheduled to discuss all the finer points, time frame, salary/rate, and all the other details are put on the table.  From there, it is our job to start the search and begin tapping our candidate pool, both active and passive, to find the best match from a technical and cultural standpoint.  Once we identify potential candidates, we will gather their latest resumes and package them with a concise summary of the candidate’s background, availability, compensation requirements, etc.  The next step in the process is what makes or breaks the entire talent search – feedback.

We always want to understand our client’s environment and their requirements as much as possible, and we will do whatever we possibly can to achieve that.  However, it’s the Hiring Manager, or the Talent Acquisition professional that knows their company, their culture and their specific needs more than anyone.  That is why feedback is so crucial.  We all strive for perfection, but the fact is I have had candidates turned down both prior to and after an interview, like anyone else in the industry.

My best clients might respond with “Jimmy meets most of the technical skills we are seeking, but the communication skills are not at the level we need in this role.” Or maybe, “Jane was very nice and interviewed well, but she is light with EDI and SAP experience, and we need someone more seasoned.” These are ordinary examples, but the point is that we are getting the information we need to make sure the next candidate is the right candidate.  There is never enough feedback as far as I am concerned, as this information is vital for us to adjust our search and screening where it’s needed.

Too many times have I received responses such as “pass,” “not interested,” or short responses that provide no useful information.  It is crucial to help us understand where we need to improve our search criteria, or it’s not unreasonable to expect the same results.

We realize people are busy and it’s much easier to snap off a quick email turning someone down you don’t plan to pursue than it is to expand on the reasons behind it.  But for those that are serious about finding the ideal person to grow with their company, to complete your projects on time and under budget and fit in seamlessly with your team, take the time to help us help you. If you’re ready for our help, schedule a free consultation today.

Will you take the extra step toward success?

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