Compare Local and National IT Salaries for Free


Compare Local and National IT Salaries for Free with EDI StaffingAfter almost two decades of staffing, one pain that we have helped lessen for our clients is defining IT salaries for their future hires. The job market is ever-changing, and there are many variables based on region, new skills and experience that must be considered when defining a salary range. Recently, EDI Specialists partnered with Wanted Analytics to provide calculated salary assessments based on industry research, local and national averages and more.

We are currently offering a free competitive salary analysis to help hiring managers and businesses find out if the IT salary range they have in mind for an open position is in line with both local and national averages. The analysis is based on a specific job title or description and location in the United States.


What To Expect in the Analysis:

  • Local average salary for job title/description*
  • National average salary for job title/description
  • Hiring scale heat map
  • Salary ranges in alternate location

How to Benefit From the Analysis:

  • Gain industry insight through salary comparisons
  • Assess your salary offering based on data provided
  • Adjust your salary to be competitive in your market


Click here to request a free analysis today.

*Please note: we can only provide data for jobs in the United States.

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