5 Tips For Working with Recruiters


5 tips for working with recruitersA common misconception amongst people who are looking for employment is that recruiters are money-hungry savages looking to squeeze every penny out of job seekers pockets’ to make themselves money. However, contrary to popular belief, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The best recruiters are specialized staffing professionals who work with job seekers to help them find better opportunities. It’s a team effort through and through, and as many know, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Working with a recruiter can be very helpful in a job search, but candidates must know that both sides must work together in order to achieve success, which makes building a strong relationship with recruiters essential. Here are five tips for candidates who wish to build rapport with recruiters and be a step closer to landing their dream job:

1.   Communication is key.

It’s vital to keep the lines of communication open throughout the whole process, from submitting your resume to accepting an offer.  Recruiters like to hear how you are doing throughout the process and whether you have any concerns or questions.  Additionally, it’s imperative to keep the recruiter you are working with posted on your other interviews, availability, and feedback on the position. If you’re no longer interested in a position or have changed your mind about an interview, have the common courtesy to inform your recruiter. Once in a while, a candidate will go missing without a trace, and that’s not good for anybody involved.

2.   Be honest.

Honesty is always the best policy.  Be honest and upfront about your salary history, skillset, availability, other positions interviewing for, references, etc.  This all starts from the initial stages of submitting your resume, so make sure all your information is always consistent.  Also, if you have any reservations about the position, recruiters like to hear that as well.

3.   Do your homework.

Recruiters realize many candidates will be interviewing at several other companies, but but it’s important for candidates to take the time to go over the requirements and company website to familiarize with the position and the company culture, for every position.

4.   Provide feedback.

Sometimes the fact that the whole interview process is reciprocal gets lost in translation.  Candidates are interviewing the company just as much as hiring manager is interviewing them.  Let your recruiter know what you liked or didn’t like about the company or position. It’s okay if a candidate doesn’t think he/she is a good match, what’s important is being upfront with that information.

5.   Be patient.

Sometimes the interview process can drag on for several weeks, or unfortunately even months. Recruiters do their best to get feedback from the company, schedule interviews and prepare candidates in general.  Recruiters are just as frustrated as candidates are when the hiring process take a long time, but hang in there and feel free to check in from time to time with a brief call or e-mail.

Hopefully these five tips for working with recruiters can help you build a great rapport with the next recruiter you work with. As a candidate, commit to working together with your recruiter to find your next great job opportunity.  I’m ready to work with you, are you ready to work with me?

About Craig Farley

Craig Farley spent the last 9 years as a Technical Resource Manager, staffing IT and EDI professionals nationwide, with a focus on the Midwest and West Coast territories. His industry experience as a senior technical recruiter is unmatched, and he has worked with candidates in full lifecycle recruiting for contract, contract to hire and direct hire positions through a variety of industries and technologies.

With all of this experience, Craig has transitioned to Director of Business Development for the Midwest Territory. He brings with him his technical recruiting knowledge and is ready to assist our clients in finding the perfect match for their technical needs. Craig is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. In his spare time he enjoys sports, working out, music and writing.

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