Free IT Job Description Review


writing an IT job descriptionNo matter the seniority level or position, job descriptions are a crucial part of the IT hiring process and serve a variety of purposes. Written job descriptions are intended to ensure that applicants understand the role they are applying for, as well as what they will be responsible for if hired. Job descriptions describe the major capacities of the position and can be used as a baseline for defining performance expectations and evaluations. Additionally, job descriptions can be used to entice both active and passive talent, which is extremely important. With so much to consider before even drafting a written job description, outlining what will attract top talent can be challenging.

When preparing to write a job description for your IT position, you must consider the following:

  • What should the title be for this position?
  • What would the person hired be responsible for?
  • What skills are necessary to hire and what skills are just “desired?”
  • Will this position fulfill the business need?
  • What will attract potential candidates to apply?

Answering the questions above is a great starting point. But how can you be sure you’re including all the necessary information while still being appealing to the right people? We can help.

At EDI Specialists and Key IT, our team of regional representatives works with quality candidates every day. As a result, we know when a job description will garner the attention of a prospective hire, as well as attributes top talent look for in a new position. With this intelligence and our knowledge of the staffing industry, we can help you craft a great IT job description and start attracting quality candidates today! Click the button below to get started with our free IT job description offer.

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