Maximize Your Productivity: How to Stay Productive While Unemployed


Today I want to cover a topic pretty common for folks the job market these days: unemployment.  Everyone knows that it has been tough out there the last few years. The economy went downhill and we are facing a slow recovery, which leaves a lot of people unemployed, wondering ‘What’s next?’

In the post below, I’ll give you a few tips on how to stay productive while unemployed – so you can make the most of this time for future opportunities.

1. Brush Up Your Skills/ Go Back to School

stay productive while unemployed: education

We are seeing more and more people heading back to school to sharpen their skills during unemployment, maximizing their productivity during this time “off.”  Take a technology-specific online course to brush up on your skills or finish schooling from years ago.  As time goes on, with all of the competition, we will likely see potential employers become more selective with their requirements, and adding to your education or training can help you gain competitive advantage.

Also, as you go back to school and sharpen your skills through training and classes, always remember to keep your resume updated. You should always keep a few resumes handy, try and tailor each one for the position that you are applying for.

2. Network, Network, Network

Of all the advice you may ever receive, this may be the most vital tool to use in searching for your next opportunity. Networking offers you a foot in the door to companies or positions that may normally be hard to access.

Network with family & friends – everyone knows someone, and their best friend may just be the hiring manager at the company you’ve been eager to work for.

Attend formal networking events such as local business associations or seminars. Be friendly and introduce yourself. Keep a few extra copies of your resume handy – you never know when you’ll meet the right person or your next hiring manager.

Most importantly, network on social media. Create a LinkedIn profile.  Reach out to former colleagues, follow and connect with companies that you’re interested in working for.  Market your skill set on Facebook and Twitter as well – stay connected every way you can.

3. Stay Active in Your Job Hunt

Try and spend a few hours each day searching for your next position.  You can do this several different ways.  First, you can search the job boards for your local area.  Be sure to check this at least once a day because posting can be updated at any time and with all of the competition out there, you won’t want to miss the perfect opportunity.

Be sure to reach out to a staffing company that can greatly assist you in your search and help match you with that perfect position – getting you in an to companies that are normally difficult to approach.

Build a strong relationship with your local Recruiter / Account Manager. Check in weekly. These people will be able to help you identify the local positions that best match your experience.

4. Practice Interviewing

Keep current with your interviewing by setting up a mock interview with a close friend or colleague. This will help you to stay sharp and confident for your next interview. Print a list of common interview questions frequently asked and practice your responses. Know your strengths and work them into your responses. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be easing into your next role.

What have you been doing to stay productive while unemployed? Let us know in the comment section below. Best of luck in your search and remember to check in with us frequently. We look forward to partnering with you in your next opportunity and throughout your career.


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