Announcing EDI Specialists’ Referral Program


Studies show that referrals make great hires. Just consider these statistics:

  • The highest quality candidates come from referrals
  • More referrals are hired compared with any other candidate sources
  • 70 percent of employers feel referral hires fit the company culture and values more than others
  • Referral employees stay at companies longer than those hired through a career site or job boards

In our experience, some of the best candidates we’ve placed came to know us through a referral. At EDI Specialists, we’re always trying to spot smart, talented and motivated individuals to fill numerous EDI and IT positions nationwide. And now, you can help!

Refer us to someone we are able to place in a job for three months or longer and you will receive a cash bonus. Similarly, if you provide us with lead for a job or project of three or more months, the cash bonus is yours. It’s that easy — refer an applicant or opportunity that results in a placement of three months or more and you can earn a $400* bonus.

Click here to learn more about the referral program, or use the buttons below to refer talent or refer a job today!


*Referrers on EDI Specialists payroll will receive payment through payroll as a W-2. Referrers not on our payroll must submit a W-4 for payment. Referral candidate must not be in our database. Referral jobs cannot be at an existing client billed in the past 12 months. Payment is made at the completion of 3 months of work as long as candidate and client are in good standing.

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