Top Qualities Companies Look For In New Hires


First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays as 2013 winds down. And of course, as one year winds down, another begins. As managers and directors set budgets and goals for the first quarter of 2014, they may be looking to add personnel, which could lead to an influx of new hires. In this blog post, I’ll cover the top qualities companies look for in new hires—which could be you.


Top Qualities Companies Look For In New Hires: positivityProfessionalism can mean many things, though the first thing that comes to mind is dressing professionally. It’s very important for new hires to adhere to the dress code that is required at his or her place of employment. Another area that pertains to professionalism is communication. Companies look for new hires who are able to always communicate appropriately in any given environment, whether he or she is speaking with a co-worker or their superiors. Employees are expected to represent the company in the best light at all times, making professional communication extremely important. Additionally, part of being professional includes punctuality. Employees could take “start time” for granted depending on late arrival rules, but showing up early and consistently on time goes a long way when it comes being a successful team member in any company.


Ideal candidates are self-starters. This is tremendously important to hiring managers. Employees whom a manager can delegate tasks to, and have a track record of completing work on time with exceptional quality is a must for most employers. Self-starters don’t need to be micromanaged, which frees up valuable time for managers to complete their necessary duties, and is important for the company’s bottom line. Take initiative at your company; if you see a task needs to be done, be the first to offer a solution.

A Positive Attitude

Hiring managers are always looking for candidates who display a positive attitude and disposition. A positive attitude in an employee makes all the difference. It’s important to the team and its members, as positive people often keep everyone on track to achieve goals and complete projects. If a bump in the road appears, it is employees with a positive demeanor who keep the team focused on what needs to be done. If you’ve ever dealt with a team member with a sour or negative temperament, you know how frustrating this can be for managers looking for overall success. A “can-do” attitude will certainly help you and your team to accomplish goals and meet milestones.


Companies look for employees who are highly dependable and accountable. Hiring managers usually look to your past positions and length at a company for insight into your dependability and commitment. For permanent positions, employees who have spent the past five years dedicated to working diligently for one company, rather than twenty, will almost always get the hire over people with who spent short periods of time at many companies. Managers know they can count on employees with long tenure in the past to stay with their company for the long haul. Managers invest a good amount of time in training for permanent positions and want to hire employees who they know will grow with the company.

Now knowing the top attributes hiring managers look for, I hope this helps bring you success in seeking your next position. Happy Holidays and here’s to lots of success in 2014!

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