Ten New Hiring Manager Tips


If you are reading this as a first time Hiring Manager – congrats on the new opportunity! We are here to give you some new Hiring Manager tips! You have the chance to hire a new member for your team that NewHirecould make your job much easier. It is a great feeling to know that you have someone that you can assign a project, provide a little direction and know it will be executed to perfection! Unfortunately, that is not always the case.


How do you know you are getting the right resource? A little extra prep work early on in the process can help to make sure you properly define the skills needed. Here are a few tips from the EDI Staffing team to help assist you (and might be good for you to come back to review with future hires):


Ensure the job description clearly articulates the responsibilities of the position and the ‘must have’ skills needed.  I have seen many IT position job descriptions include multiple various technical skills and the important or must have skill sets required for the role are not clearly defined.  Since the job description is not clear on the important skill sets needed, the job description may not attract the ideal candidate. 

Barbara Feldman, National Account Manager


Provide thoughtful, detailed feedback and do so in a timely fashion. Passing on a candidate you don’t feel is a fit is perfectly okay, but please let us know where we missed the mark. An email response of simply “No interest” or “Pass” is frustrating and doesn’t help us find a better candidate. Waiting a week to provide a response like this is even worse. It only takes 30-60 seconds via phone or email to provide a helpful response to a rejected submittal. Busy recruiting teams are more likely to focus on openings that are the most fillable; even difficult requirements with helpful managers are considered more fillable than easier requirements with unresponsive or vague managers. Help us help you!

Adam Barron, Technical Resource Manager


Accurate job descriptions are very important! This just happened recently with a client where all the candidates we have submitted for the position are raving about how clear, concise and to the point the job description is.  This has really helped our team come up with solid candidates and the client is happy!

Nathan Horsman, Technical Resource Manager


Do you have the approved budget to hire for this position?

Always have a good job description detailing the responsibilities and technical skills required to be successful on the appropriate position.

Feedback is always welcome and the more detailed the feedback positive or negative always help in finding the right candidate.

Andrew Oliver, Technical Recruiting Manager


If the new hire will work alongside other departments, spend a few minutes talking to the managers of other teams that this person might work alongside about what skills might help them. If this is a backfill, ask if there was anything that could be improved over the individual that previously held that role.

Gerry Noumi, Director of Operations and Marketing

A few other tips:

–        Did you know that you can use salary assessment tools to make sure you are within budget for the new job?

–        Make sure you are absolute on which skills are required and what might be good to have.

–        Become well-versed in the company’s benefits and policies in case the candidate asks.

–        Make sure you have spoken to your manager or someone from Human Resources about what you should and should not say to candidate.

–        Remember that a new hire is putting forth their best appearance. If you are seeing red flags during the interview process, it might be the tip of the iceberg to future red flags.


Prior to your new hire’s start date make sure to develop a game plan for training and introductions for the first week. You should try to make yourself as available as possible. Always remember back to your first week on a new job. You were probably most comfortable when your manager walked you around to introduce you to your new colleagues and included you in meetings about the projects you would be assigned.


Once again, congrats on your new opportunity! If you are having trouble locating IT talent, companies like EDI Staffing are here to assist you with the process. Feel free to contact us with any questions!


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