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Greetings to all of our readers,EDI Industry Insights


With summer almost upon us, one has to wonder what happened to Spring!  It’s a bit hard to realize that the sun starts going the other way in just a month.

On a serious note, we at EDI Staffing, an EDI Specialists, Inc. company, extend our heartfelt sympathies to all our friends and fellow citizens who have suffered through a multitude of natural disasters, from tornadoes and landslides to drought and fire.

Though we cannot control what Mother Nature dishes out, we do have control over our own job choices and career paths.  Now is a great time to think about your next step.  Over the past few months we have seen a sharp increase in the number of permanent jobs being created while contracting positions seems to have decreased.  We are seeing this across various industries and nationwide.

We are not exactly sure why this seems to have happened in such a big way or so quickly.  The economy is still a mixed bag of good and bad news.  Perhaps companies are finally a little more confident in the future and/or they have held off hiring new employees so long that the dam had to break sometime.

For the first time in decades, the U.S. manufacturing sector has seen as many new manufacturing jobs created here as we created overseas.  We hope this trend toward on-shoring continues as it is vital to sustain a thriving middle class, which has seen a real decline in income and opportunities for several years.

Healthcare continues to provide many opportunities for IT professionals of all stripes.  No surprise here.

The jobs market is slowly transforming back to a candidate driven market, where individuals have the leverage.  This is why now is a good time to consider a new job, new role, new discipline or a new industry.

If you have an interest in viewing the landscape of jobs, check out our jobs board or contact a recruiter via our new website at www.edistaffing.com

As things can change rather fast in the world of economics, don’t let this moment in time pass without at least exploring other options.

Have a wonderful summer and take some time to smell the roses each and every day!


Wayne from Maine


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About Wayne Marshall

Wayne Marshall is currently Vice President of Professional Services at EDI Staffing. His responsibilities touch upon every facet of the company including strategy development; new business development; sales; marketing; consulting; contract management; general regulatory compliance; managing of technical resources and projects; and, most recently, HIPAA compliance as the Information Security Officer. He also manages key consulting practices and growth areas, ranging from Healthcare to GXS to Application Integration, working closely with clients and consultants alike.

Prior to joining EDI Staffing in 1999, Wayne was employed for 23 years at Polaroid Corporation where he managed their worldwide EC/EDI program. Combined with his invaluable training and background as a System Analyst, Wayne is considered a leader in the field. He has authored articles, spoken at conferences, participated in training videos, and founded the New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group, the largest of its kind in the U.S.

His knowledge of the vendor community, software tools and industry trends resulted in his appointment to the Board of Directors for DISA, the secretariat of the ASC X12 standards organization. Wayne has also served as EDI Staffing’s representative to various organizations such as the Vendor Compliance Federation, Industrial Supply Association, and others.

Wayne graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northeastern University with a BSBA and a concentration in Management Information Systems. He enjoys various hobbies and vocations such as wine making, cooking, gardening, music, reading, playing with his pets, and keeping up with current events.  Wayne most enjoys spending time with his three sons and three granddaughters.

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