Participation Request for EDI/ B2B Industry Survey 2014


Our B2B industry survey from last year asked our audience to help us understand the challenges B2B, EDI and e-Commerce professionals were then facing. The findings were fascinating and are featured in a B2B Industry Surveycomplimentary whitepaper currently available for download.

Now, we invite you to participate in our 2014 B2B, EDI and e-Commerce user survey. Through this research, our goal is to understand present challenges professionals are confronting with B2B integration, EDI, e-Commerce and CRM and to learn the approaches and methodologies that are being used.

By participating in this B2B industry survey, you will gain access to the findings before anyone else and will be able to compare your company with others in the industry. The results will not be shared with third-parties. Only aggregate statistics are included in the survey results report.

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