How the Summer Can Actually Benefit Your Job Seeking Approach



We usually think of summer as a time to take a vacation, go to beach, or attend a BBQ or a baseball game.  But guess what?  It’s also a good time to do some job searching.  It’s a common misconception that the summer months are slow for both companies and job seekers alike.   Instead, summer can be a good time to find your next employment opportunity and here are some tips of why it’s a good time to look and also help you out in the process.


  • It’s the end or beginning of a fiscal year:  Some companies save their IT budgets until the end or beginning of a fiscal year which can start during the summer months.  The beginning of the year often serves as a “feeling out” time period to see how their IT department does during the first or second quarter.  Often times they will have extra budget and spending to bring on consultants or full-time employees.


  • Hiring companies want new employees:  Summer falls in the middle of the calendar year so it’s a good time for hiring companies to reevaluate projects and open new positions.  Sometimes companies will under budget their IT to start the year and have the extra bandwidth and money to bring new staff on board.


  • People take vacations:  This can been seen as bittersweet in a way.  Sometimes it is frustrating that the interview process takes longer while managers are on vacation, but on the other hand it can be seen as a time period to fill the void of missing work.  There is a need for more consulting and project based work to pick up the missing slack for employees who might be out for an extended period of time.  It’s important to be patient during the interview process and know that there will be some delays with vacations, but the interest level is still there.


  • As a job seeker you have more free time:  Due to more time off during the summer, as a job seeker you shouldtake some time to search job postings, update your resume and go to networking events.  Some employers even allow flex/relaxed schedules during the summer so it’s also a good time to interview at other companies to see what is out there.


  • There’s also more free time for employers: As stated beforeemployers often use the summer as a gauge for the rest of the year.  They already have their budget in place and know what they want after a hectic winter and spring.  The summer gives employers more time to budget and forecast for upcoming projects and positions based on the fact they are not rushing to meet project deadlines and budgets.


In sum, it’s often overlooked to do some job seeking during the summer.  It’s the last thing we want to do when the weather is sunny, the beer is cold and vacations are just around the corner.  But with patience and a defined approach, it can be a very lucrative time to stay ahead of the job seeking game.


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About Craig Farley

Craig Farley spent the last 9 years as a Technical Resource Manager, staffing IT and EDI professionals nationwide, with a focus on the Midwest and West Coast territories. His industry experience as a senior technical recruiter is unmatched, and he has worked with candidates in full lifecycle recruiting for contract, contract to hire and direct hire positions through a variety of industries and technologies.

With all of this experience, Craig has transitioned to Director of Business Development for the Midwest Territory. He brings with him his technical recruiting knowledge and is ready to assist our clients in finding the perfect match for their technical needs. Craig is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. In his spare time he enjoys sports, working out, music and writing.

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