Do You Need to Get Along With Your Coworkers?


Well, do we?

Whether we admit it or not, we’ve all experienced it. You know, that ONE coworker you just don’t mesh with? It’s that relationship that makes going to work dreadful, and you find yourself unproductive throughout the day because you’re focused on how annoyed you are. Why do we let this happen?  We can all agree, we spend more time at work then we do at home. Why can’t we just suck it up and get along with that one coworker that might make you grind your teeth? Well, here are some reasons you should definitely reconsider thinking that coworker is your arch-nemesis.




Everywhere you work, you are networking. Actually, anywhere you GO you are networking. The grocery store, the internet, the gym… Everyone you meet or interact with could one day be a future employer, coworker or even a client. The same applies to that coworker you just can’t get along with. If you are the type to move around a lot, you may never see this coworker again. But, chances are you actually might.  The thing is, you never know when or where you could run into someone next. They could be a future client, they could be your future employer, or could end up being at that old friends barbecue next summer. Regardless of where you see them in life, it’s better to stay professional and kind rather than potentially ruining the opportunity to do business in the future.

You totally live at work

Well, we all know it. We spend the majority of our lives AT WORK. And whether you love your job, or hate your job, one thing is for sure, it’d be much easier to get along with those who are right there with you.  From personal experience, I can say that there have been times when I have not gotten along with a coworker.  And beyond the 40 hours a week that I worked, I also found myself talking about that bad relationships at home. As professionals, we need to learn to let it go. We need to remember we are here to work together and leave our differences in the parking lot.  Given that you spend so much time at your workplace, establishing a relationship and trust with your coworkers can be comforting. You might find that you work better as a team when you have some sort of relationship to build off of.

One less thing to stress about

Who’s stressed? I know I am. While I may be stressed about my work load, it’s nice knowing I have a team that is willing to support me. Had I cut those ties because of something like personal interests or work place competition, I would not have that support. (Did you know stressed is desserts spelled backwards?  Doesn’t seem that bad now, does it?) Anyway, always remember, one person’s mood can change the energy of the whole office.  If you decide to hold grudges, or stay annoyed, the whole office will sense it, and believe it or not, the room will tense up.  When you come to work, there should be nothing in the way of a productive environment. A happy, motivated room is much better than sulking employees because Tim likes the Red Sox and John likes the Yankees.

And speaking of teams…

There is most definitely no “I” in “Team”.  Whether your job requires you to work in teams, individually or remotely, assuring good relationships with those around you will allow you to focus on working together instead of working against each other.  Just like any sport, you can’t be both offense and defense. It just isn’t going to work.   In addition to working together, you’re almost always going to need help of some sort. Whether you need advice on that big idea you just came up with, or you can’t figure out a certain code, it’s always easier to be able to jump up and ask for help rather than trying to remember who you “like” this week.


To wrap things up, you can make your life easier, cheerful and more productive if you would just remember that you are at work to accomplish work (and that’s much easier without enemies).  Many people say they can consider their coworkers family. For some of you- that might not be the case, but you definitely need to at least have a level of trust and respect.   Imagine not spending each and every day wishing it were Friday because you actually enjoyed the company of your coworkers!  Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


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