Our Staff Speaks HIPAA, (and our favorite ICD-10 codes)


As you know, the healthcare industry has been under increasing regulatory pressure to change the way healthcare is delivered, and the manner in which it is collected, stored, displayed and exchanged.

This pressure has increased with a countless range of new administrative, security, and privacy compliance laws. These changes have forced healthcare entities to examine their IT infrastructure, processes and mix of professional resources.

EDI Staffing can help! We provide clients in the healthcare industry with contract and permanent IT resources for almost any technology platform, database or application/ERP. Our team features experienced, connected, and proven healthcare IT professionals with the knowledge necessary to fulfill your business needs.

We can deliver strategic consultants; project and IT managers, business and technical analysts; programmers; QA resources, EDI experts and skilled resources across the IT spectrum – for contracting needs as well as direct hire or contract-to-hire roles.  It costs you nothing for our team to search, screen and submit candidates.


And yes, even ICD-10… to name a few favorites… funny-caption-pics-seal-smiling-sea-lions-cute-animal-pictures

1. W5621XA– Bitten by orca, initial encounter

2. W2202XA– Hurt walking into a lamppost

3. Y92241– Hurt at the library

4. W5611XD– Bitten by sea lion

5. Z631– Problems in relationship with in-laws (..yup)



In all seriousness, EDI Staffing can work with you to develop a staffing strategy to ensure that you stay in compliance with mandates, including electronic records, HIPAA, EDI transactions, and ICD-10. To learn more about our healthcare EDI and IT staffing services, schedule a free consultation today with a certified HIPAA professional.

We’re here to help.




Do you know any other interesting ICD-10 codes? Share them in the comments below.




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