3 Current Trends in the IT Marketplace


As we enter the end of the third quarter of 2014 I’d like to review some of the trends we’ve seen in the  Information Technology Marketplace thus far. One thing is for sure; companies are looking for versatility in candidates while seeking the most bang for their buck.  The combination of knowledge, skill and flexibility gives you the ultimate leg up on the competition. Here are 3 current trends in the IT marketplace:

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1.)    Companies are combining roles:  Very often we are seeing two or even three roles combined into one job description.  You’ll find it beneficial to work at smaller companies where you have the ability to expose yourself to different technologies and environments. My favorite example of this is the .NET/EDI Developer which we see quite often.   We’ve definitely seen an uptick in companies seeking candidates that obtain more than one expertise. If you’re worried that you lack the skills necessary to keep up with the times, it might be a good idea to take some training courses or study different areas of IT online.


2.)    Contract to hire is very popular:  The biggest change I’ve personally seen this year is the influx of contract to hire positions throughout the country.  The “try before you buy” technique seems to be the norm for a lot of new positions posted out there.  Sometimes it’s difficult to fill these roles because of the risk involved in leaving a direct hire opportunity. This certainly minimizes the talent pool to those who are out of work or strictly consultants.  However, the more flexible you are as a candidate, the more attractive it makes you to hiring managers. Lately, hiring managers opt for contract to hire to see how things are working out before they make a fairly big investment (you).  It has also become a popular outlet for career consultants who are looking for that long term opportunity after the contract period ends.


3.)    On-site consulting is preferred:   It’s 2014 and most professionals have the ability to work from home. Alternatively, we’ve noticed prospective employers wanting to see a candidate succeed on-site for a period of time before opening remote options. In the ever changing world of IT it’s imperative to be able to communicate efficiently with your employer. Some managers find it difficult to be proficient without that face to face time. Once the candidate proves to the employer that they can handle the pressure of the job, more flexible options are generally opened up.


Nowadays, it’s extremely important to be both flexible and versatile when it comes to your skill set and schedule.  With competition on the rise and employers with strict budgets, it’s as vital as ever to adapt to these changes.



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About Craig Farley

Craig Farley spent the last 9 years as a Technical Resource Manager, staffing IT and EDI professionals nationwide, with a focus on the Midwest and West Coast territories. His industry experience as a senior technical recruiter is unmatched, and he has worked with candidates in full lifecycle recruiting for contract, contract to hire and direct hire positions through a variety of industries and technologies.

With all of this experience, Craig has transitioned to Director of Business Development for the Midwest Territory. He brings with him his technical recruiting knowledge and is ready to assist our clients in finding the perfect match for their technical needs. Craig is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. In his spare time he enjoys sports, working out, music and writing.

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