How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job


Nowadays, employers and recruiters are searching outside of job boards to find the ideal candidate.  They’re using tools like TalentBin, tweeting job openings and even searching Instagram for active and passive candidates.  Limiting yourself strictly to professional networks also limits your job pool.  Not only are hiring managers using social media to promote open positions, but a recent study by Career Builder found that 37% of employers are using this tool to also research job candidates. We are surrounded by opportunity, you just need to know how to find it. So how can you use Social Media to land your next job?


Clean up Your (Social Media) Act

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Before you get started; take some time to clean up some of your more questionable posts. Most recruiters use social media to get a drive-by feel for a candidate’s personality. What personality is your profile exuding? Remember that party in college that you didn’t remember? It’s probably a good idea to comb through your old pictures and posts so that your past doesn’t haunt your future. This doesn’t mean to stop socializing on social media; but if you’re ready to take the next step in your job search, start treating your profile as if an employer might find it (because they will).  Ensure that your profile picture is professional and that your name and email address are what an employer would use to contact you.

Network outside of your network

Don’t underestimate the power of networking. It’s arguably one of the best ways to find your next job. shutterstock_176009450On LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals you’ve worked or done business with, but branching out will connect you with opportunity.  Asking someone to connect helps move a relationship along and gets you noticed. It could be a manager at a company you’d like to work for, or even someone whose work you admire.  People love to connect with others when it seems mutually beneficial.  You can use the LinkedIn “How You’re Connected” tool and have a connection in common introduce you if you’re having trouble taking the first step.  BranchOut or BeKnown are additional tools you can use to help turn your connections on Facebook and other social media sites into opportunities, while generating a searchable public profile.

Follow the leader

Take some time to “follow” some industry leaders, recruiters and companies you want to connect with. Many recruiters are using twitter to share open positions and find new candidates.  Stay on top of industry news and trends so that you can engage in conversation with those in your network. You might also want to participate in relevant twitter chats to get noticed by potential employers or even meet some new connections.







Recruiters will use hashtags like #jobsearch #hiring or #careers because they know you’re searching them. My advice is USE them. You can also search for industry specific jobs with hashtags like #ITjobs to narrow your results down to what you’re specifically looking for.

Share your work

Social Media gives you the chance to get noticed.  You have your own personal publishing platform that gets shared for free.   Look at Clark Walker of Utah; a pre-med student who took an interest in becoming a barber that was hired based on his Instagram profile. Get creative with your posts and let your talent shine. An opportunity could be one click away.


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