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Observations, Opinions and Musings from the Woods of Maine

Happy Autumn,

It has been a spectacular Fall season so far here in Maine!  The peak colors of the woods and fields remind us of the glory that is Mother Nature.Maine in Fall

Yet our wonder is tempered when we let our thoughts turn to such a troubled world.  Unless you live in a cave, you know what I’m talking about.  But when hasn’t the world been troubled?  Perhaps instant news and social media have just heightened our senses and awareness.  But I don’t think that explains the reality of what we are seeing on a daily basis.  Everything seems to be a mess.

I ponder and worry about the lives my grandchildren will experience.  At a time when they could live to be 100 or more, and travel to space, instead I think about their quality of life and how it may actually be of less quality than previous generations enjoyed. Somehow, I remain optimistic that the world will figure it all out.  It may take generations or it may take an asteroid hit – but I have faith that good will win over evil and that decent people will prevail.

It is this same faith that has carried many of us through the Great Recession and anemic recovery.  I can understand how anyone who has lost their job or seen their industry decimated may not share this faith.  Another paper mill in Maine just announced they are shutting down, putting almost 500 people out of work, some who have worked there for decades.  The workers come from every county in Maine and will impact the tax base in which the mill was located by a negative 40% or more.  I can’t think of another state that has seen such a variety of major industries go belly up.  Even fishing is threatened!

Yet, the folks here go on.

They struggle to make ends meet, find new callings in new industries – and still enjoy the simple things like community bean suppers and a warm, cozy fire.

There are two guys working on building a new shed for me right now.  They want $17/hr. and nothing more – and they are perfectionists!  One of these guys will go home, meet with his wife who waitresses during the day, and go hand pick beans, corn, etc. on his farm until it gets dark.  They sell the produce to earn a little extra money.

In the meantime, I work with many consultants and perm candidates who won’t budge when it comes to decreasing their rate or salary demands by a few bucks.  That is certainly their prerogative and I understand the expenses and cost of living factors that they face.

What many of these people and others don’t fully realize is that our clients have limited budgets and salary structures almost impossible to modify.  They also don’t seem to get that we are not a non-profit agency.  We need to earn a profit and have expenses associated with acquiring clients and candidates.  We have an infrastructure to support (a building, remote offices, phones, computers, data bases and systems, etc.).  We also have salaries to pay and partners who handle our outsourced payroll, network and ERP system.

Soon we will be faced with ACA requirements and have absorbed many costs already associated with HIPAA compliance.  Government regulations are smothering the staffing industry.  I spend as much time now as an informal para-legal as I do running Professional Services.

We also have clients that may not pay us in a timely manner and there is a cost associated with carrying old Accounts Receivables.

All I ask is that you think about all this the next time one of our recruiters or Account Managers ask you to be flexible.  They are not trying to diminish your worth in the marketplace.  On the contrary, they are trying to put you to work and make it a win-win-win for you, us and our clients.

Have a safe and enjoyable Fall season and all the holidays just around the corner!

Wayne from Maine

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About Wayne Marshall

Wayne Marshall is currently Vice President of Professional Services at EDI Staffing. His responsibilities touch upon every facet of the company including strategy development; new business development; sales; marketing; consulting; contract management; general regulatory compliance; managing of technical resources and projects; and, most recently, HIPAA compliance as the Information Security Officer. He also manages key consulting practices and growth areas, ranging from Healthcare to GXS to Application Integration, working closely with clients and consultants alike.

Prior to joining EDI Staffing in 1999, Wayne was employed for 23 years at Polaroid Corporation where he managed their worldwide EC/EDI program. Combined with his invaluable training and background as a System Analyst, Wayne is considered a leader in the field. He has authored articles, spoken at conferences, participated in training videos, and founded the New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group, the largest of its kind in the U.S.

His knowledge of the vendor community, software tools and industry trends resulted in his appointment to the Board of Directors for DISA, the secretariat of the ASC X12 standards organization. Wayne has also served as EDI Staffing’s representative to various organizations such as the Vendor Compliance Federation, Industrial Supply Association, and others.

Wayne graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northeastern University with a BSBA and a concentration in Management Information Systems. He enjoys various hobbies and vocations such as wine making, cooking, gardening, music, reading, playing with his pets, and keeping up with current events.  Wayne most enjoys spending time with his three sons and three granddaughters.

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  1. Chandrashekar

    Dear Wayne Marshall.

    Wonderful thoughts . So much truth and beauty in what you have said.
    Above is my comment to your blog, but
    on seeing your thought process, I felt like sharing an article I compiled last year and shared with one of our Senator in MA.
    The Second one (4th Jul 2013)
    Not too long ago, it seemed our country was on track to achieve most things that every one of its citizens needed, but over past couple of decades things moved in the negative direction at rapid pace. Irony is that in these immediate past decades the country grew in leaps and bounds in technological capability. Majority seem unaffected with the changes that technology brought. On the contrary suffering increased exponentially spread in many spheres, while the exact opposite was expected from all the technical, social and political strides.
    What we call freedom didn’t come from nowhere. It has been a process – a struggle. But one does not see a the drive for the struggle that can get us to where one really want this country to be.
    Does this day help us remember to question ourselves, to be sincere to this very basic principle and to think about where this country needs to be? It seems we are yet not ready to stop, take the first step to validate together as to whether we are travelling in forward path or in the opposite direction.
    Can we comprehend what was in the minds of the countrymen when the July 4 tradition began? It’s important to celebrate the birth of the country, but it is important today than ever before that we understand the truth of it too.
    It was this country that held high the light of democracy as an inspiration for more than a century and a half. Will this country also be an inspiration for the rest of humanity in holding high the principle of true natural Justice and commitment to exclusion less wellbeing of its citizens and humanity at large?
    Will this day and celebrations serve the real intent and rejuvenate each one of us to proclaim sooner than later and set this country on the path of the second emancipation.
    I thought about following aspects at high level (provided here only the titles) that can be the foundation for such a change.
    “The Clean Source”
    Foundation of right thinking for thoughtful action in every human endeavor
    “Violence within the four walls”
    Remodeling formal, informal and e-Education for violence free living
    “Missiles from the board room”
    Corporate ethics for sustainable existence
    “Monarch of Democracy”
    Beyond lobbying – Ethics of Political Governance that values every living being
    Please feel free contact me by email or call me anytime 781-786-1392


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