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shutterstock_130197107If you’re hiring an Information Technology resource, you, like many of our clients, have questions you need answered. Being experts in staffing IT positions since 1994, we understand the struggles that come along with finding a qualified resource to fit your needs. From budget to project needs and implementation, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, to say the least. We’ve compiled a few of the top questions we frequently receive to help assist you along your search.

Is my perm salary offering enough?

Most often, our clients are curious about whether their salary offering is in line with the local average for a given position. Salary is one of the biggest factors in attracting top qualified candidates and can determine what type of candidate will apply for your opening. For example, if a client is looking for a Mid- Senior level QA Tester in Los Angeles, California, and is offering $75,000, we might suggest they raise their offering. In LA, the median local market salary is: $86,150.

If you’re wondering about a salary offering, we can provide you with a free analysis.

How much will this contract position cost?

With an uptick in contract information technology positions, we’ve seen a lot of “What does this type of position cost?”. For example, we have recently seen numerous inquiries surrounding SAP contract positions. Generally, this skill set has a bill rate of about $125-$150. Having this knowledge is necessary before you begin looking for candidates. Understanding what type of budget a position calls for, is our specialty.

Job Descriptions

We frequently see companies struggle when it comes to writing job descriptions. No matter the seniority level or position, they are a crucial part of the IT hiring process and serve a variety of purposes. Written job descriptions are intended to ensure that applicants understand the role they are applying for, as well as what they will be responsible for if hired. Job descriptions describe the major capacities of the position and can be used as a baseline for defining performance expectations and evaluations. Additionally, job descriptions can be used to entice both active and passive talent, which is extremely important. With so much to consider before even drafting a written job description, outlining what will attract top talent can be challenging.

Consider the following:

  • What should the title be for this position?
  • What would the person hired be responsible for?
  • What skills are necessary to hire and what skills are just “desired?”
  • Will this position fulfill the business need?
  • What will attract potential candidates to apply?

Have no fear, we offer free job description help.

What do I need?

Many times, a client simply needs to know the basics of what type of resource they actually need. We often see unrealistic expectations, and offer insights that will help them to format an open position that makes sense for their needs. For example, we have had clients looking to hire a candidate that would perform both part time EDI and part time Data Networking. This is a nearly impossible request.
Our subject matter experts can help you to determine what you need to get the job done, even if it means two separate job postings. Scheduling a consultation is easy.



Have any additional questions about information technology positions? Write them in the comments or send us an inquiry to info@edistaffing.com.

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