Are YOU ready to be a manager?


Not everyone is cut out to be a manager; and that’s okay. Accepting a position should always be for the right reasons and never because you feel you need to do so. Before you start considering managerial roles, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Are you capable of listening?
    Listening is arguably the most important trait as a manager. You may think you are anListen effective listener, but it means so much more than simply hearing what a person says. It means that you have given your full attention to the person and will genuinely consider what they are saying as well as act on their request .This is how you gain respect as a leader. In order to lead a team, you must listen to it.  In order to improve a team, and its team members, you must listen. As a manager, you must always realize that without your team, you can’t accomplish much. Most of your ideas should be formulated based on feedback from those who are actually working on the projects.
  2. Can you multitask while staying organized?
    If you are the type that needs to shut the door to get the job done, you may not be the managerial type. A manager needs to be able to get the job done with the understanding that there will be various interruptions throughout the day. Being there for the team is part of your job description. You also need to be able to effectively communicate what needs to be done, and how the team would go about accomplishing that. A manager communicates to the team not only the goals of a project, but how this project will effect the company as a whole. Barking orders is not enough. A manager needs to provide a path to success, and you can’t do this from behind the door.
  3. Are you open or narrow minded?
    Do you embrace change, or fear it? Are you open to tying new strategies or would you prefer to stick to what you think works? If you value your opinion over most, then becoming a manager is probably not for you. Open minded managers encourage feedback and new ideas and will actually base decisions off of them.
  4. Are you okay with being unpopular?
    Often times, managers need to make decisions that will make the group unhappy. The unpopular decision is sometimes the right one, even if it wasn’t easy to make. If you are the type that needs constant support of your decisions, this role might not be for you. Alternatively, you also need to be ready to be unpopular with your manager or CEO. A good manager accepts that there will be times they will be held accountable for the entire team. You no longer have just your own work to worry about.the-office-meme-michael-scott
  5. What motivates you?
    Are you more motivated by personal goals or are you motivated by the goals of a team? Do you see success through helping others achieve their goals or reaching your own? There’s nothing wrong with being more focused on your own goals, but a manager thrives on bringing others to success. When you become a manager, you let go of individual projects and focus more on how you will help a team achieve assignments. You’ll now need to help others translate success and forget about your own. If this sounds scary, you might not be ready for the role. In addition to figuring out what motivates you, you need to ask yourself if you can motivate others? Can you encourage a team to go above and beyond project requirements?


How did you answer these questions? Do you feel ready to manage a team? You should also ask yourself; what your motivation for becoming a manager is, in the first place? Many people associate management with success; when the fact of the matter is, success is success. You can absolutely be successful without becoming a manager. Determining whether a management role is a good fit is crucial before your search, otherwise it can be quite career damaging.
If you read these questions and feel passionate about bringing a team to the next level, congratulations! Starting the journey to become a manager is incredibly rewarding.

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