We’re Thankful for 20 Years


In December of 1994, Joseph Gilbody took a vision and made it a reality. He had been working in the Information Technology sector for 20 years and fully immersed himself in the world of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). It was with this experience and expertise, that he saw the potential to form his own company. On his front porch, he set out to connect talented people with great organizations across all industries.

Taunton Daily Gazette, 2003

Twenty years ago, resume’s were faxed, jobs were ‘posted’ in newspapers and the internet was just taking off. Needless to say, today, we’re thankful for such quick advancements in technology!

Over the next few years, Joe would build a team of EDI, IT & Healthcare IT staffing experts, that are still here today! Combined, this team has over 150 years of experience in these areas. The team would build a database of over 2,000,000 qualified EDI, EAI, IT, Healthcare IT, ERP & e-Commerce candidates, and hundreds of partnerships would be established. Throughout the growth of his company, Joe never forgot its homegrown roots and commitment to values. Today, We have evolved into a full service e-commerce company with offices in three states, and consultants working for clients nationwide. EDI Staffing works with more than 30 percent of Fortune 1000 companies, and continues to expand.EDI years ago

Much has changed in the staffing industry since we were founded 20 years ago.  Our President, Joe Gilbody, was able to start this company on his front porch with nothing more than maxed out credit cards, an extra mortgage, a computer and a fax machine – and one very good assistant we call “Cookie”.


Perhaps the single, biggest change which impacted the industry was the use of the Internet, company websites, and various online vehicles, tools, 3rd parties like Monster, CareerBuilder etc.


But the one thing that hasn’t changed can be likened to Einstein’s brilliant and simple equation – you must match the right job with the right candidate.  So, despite all the changes, there is a need for staffing agencies in an industry which keeps growing; it is about $125 billion a year industry.


As Joe Gilbody said then and he still says now, “Pound those phones”.  I expect 20 years from now he will be saying the same thing, but maybe with a twist, like pound those watches! -Wayne Marshall, Vice President, Professional Services

Today, there is much to be thankful for. We are thankful for our clients and partners that have helped this homegrown business grow into what it is today. We are thankful for our dedicated team of experts and staff. EDI Staffing plans to continue to expand our areas of expertise; as technology develops, we are growing our database so that we have the most versatile experts in the industry.

It has been a pleasure working with our clients over the past 20 years and we look forward to our mutual success for the next 20! -Joseph Gilbody, Founder, President/CEO




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About Gabriella Calise

Gabriella began her career at EDI Staffing in 2014 as the Manager of Marketing and Client Services where she used her passion for social media and technology to connect top IT talent with our client partners. In 2016 Gabriella became the Executive Vice President of EDI Staffing, where she works closely with the President/CEO to find new and inventive ways to assist our clients and candidates. Gabriella oversees the day to day functions of the staff and continues to head our marketing and outreach efforts.

Outside of EDI Staffing, Gabriella teaches Saxophone and Clarinet privately. She enjoys exploring new places and spending time with her family and friends.

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