My Holiday Staffing Wish List


It’s hard to believe the holiday season is yet again upon us.  The hustle and bustle of shopping is in full swing and snow is falling as I type this blog.  Here are things that I want the IT staffing industry to improve upon heading into 2015 to help candidates, clients, recruiters, and sales alike.


Staffing Wish List

1. I wish for more hiring consistency in the IT consulting market

It seems as though 2013 and 2014 were a collection of peaks and valleys in terms of hiring consultants.  Some weeks were bare in terms of consulting positions and other months were as busy as ever.  I’m hoping for more of the latter.

2. I wish for better client feedback

Communication is the most essential piece of staffing. We always want to understand our clients’ environment and their requirements as much as possible, and we will do whatever we possibly can to achieve that! However it’s the Hiring Manager, or the Talent Acquisition professional that knows their company, their culture and their specific needs more than anyone.  That is why feedback is so crucial.

3. I wish for better job descriptions

Knowing what to look for and where to find it before a search can only help candidates land the right opportunity.  I’ll often times see job descriptions that are combination of positions rolled into one, when in reality they need to be separate positions. I’ll also see descriptions that are just ‘requirements’ which gives the candidate no idea as to what they are really applying for.

4. I wish it were easier to schedule interviews

I understand we are all busy; but it just seems like clients and candidates have trouble getting on the same page with interview times.  There is a difficult balance between working and working to find a job, but there needs to be more flexibility from candidates and also from clients to set aside more time to interview during the week.  The more flexible you are the more interest it shows; and I’m talking about both candidates and clients.

5. I wish we weren’t all so obsessed with money

On the recruiting side it’s usually the first question candidates ask me…”How much does this job pay?”  On the client side it’s usually…“We can only pay this much”.  It seems as though we have all lost sight that sometimes money isn’t everything when it comes to finding the perfect fit.  Candidates turn down great opportunities based on a rate or salary range, and clients turn down great candidates for the same reason.

Most importantly I wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to 2015 in the IT staffing industry.

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This month, we’re celebrating 20 years in business!

About Craig Farley

Craig Farley spent the last 9 years as a Technical Resource Manager, staffing IT and EDI professionals nationwide, with a focus on the Midwest and West Coast territories. His industry experience as a senior technical recruiter is unmatched, and he has worked with candidates in full lifecycle recruiting for contract, contract to hire and direct hire positions through a variety of industries and technologies.

With all of this experience, Craig has transitioned to Director of Business Development for the Midwest Territory. He brings with him his technical recruiting knowledge and is ready to assist our clients in finding the perfect match for their technical needs. Craig is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. In his spare time he enjoys sports, working out, music and writing.

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