Technology Staffing Trends for 2015



It seems like it was just yesterday we were raising our 2014 glasses and making resolutions for the year ahead. As we reflect on a year of big news stories-from Ebola to leaked photos and missing airplanes; we realize how vulnerable we all are.  In the ever changing industry of technology, there is much to consider in a New Year. Our team has shared some technology staffing trends and predictions to help you better prepare you for the year ahead.


IT Security

With the ever-increasing threat of cyber crime, the demand for IT security expertise will continue to rise, especially in healthcare. Job opportunities aside, staffing companies and independent contractors are going to have to start paying closer attention to HIPAA security regulations if they intend to work with clients in the healthcare domain. We have already seen firsthand how much work this requires in terms of ensuring adequate insurance coverage, BAAs/sub-BAAs, etc (just ask Wayne!). – Adam Barron, Technical Resource Manager

This past year there were a number of credit card security breaches (TJX, Home Depot, Target). The need/demand for cyber security architects will increase, and companies should think ahead. – Barbara Feldman, National Account Manager


Everything Mobile

Today’s humans are wireless. Smart phone technology continues to advance at a rapid pace so that they can be used in new and various contexts. Cellphone’s today have more computing power then NASA in 1969, and there is no doubt that the power will continue to grow and exceed our expectations. With everything going wireless and the addition of wearable’s, we’re predicting an increasing need for Mobile OS Talent. As new mobile technology and operating systems are released, there will need to be developers, architects and engineers. – Gabriella Stelle, Manager of Marketing and Client Services



This past year, the use of data has dramatically increased. Big Data and the micro-marketing to consumers will continue to be on the rise in 2015 . We predict an increasing need for Data Analysts and Engineers along with an increase in wages as the demand for labor increases and the supply decreases. – Wayne Marshall, Vice President, Professional Services, ISO, CHP, Information Security Officer & Certified HIPAA Professional


Web Developers

Web developers are high in demand as more companies expand their web presence. The need for high quality developers continues to increase each year.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicted a 20% growth in web development from 2012-2022 and in 2014 we experienced much of this growth.   We can expect an increase in salary for web developers as the demand for candidates increases. Companies should think ahead when considering their needs. -Gabriella Stelle, Manager of Marketing and Client Services


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  • Healthcare IT & QA
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Data/Database Management
  • System and Application Integration
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • CRM
  • App Development
  • Web Services
  • ERP

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