What Not To Wear: Interview Edition


When dressing for a job interview, image can be everything. How you present yourself is the very first impression you are going to make before having the chance to say a word or shake a hand!

DON’T Over-Dress

My favorite example of over-dressing is from the popular movie ‘Step Brothers’.The characters played by Will Ferrell and John Reilly are individuals who still lived at home with no jobs and fostered a non-driven personality. I couldn’t help but crack up when they arrived at entry level positions in tuxedos! The guys were immediately judged and asked if they were actually serious about the job. While this is a VERY extreme scenario, it’s a good place to start. You should take the time to truly get to know the work environment before the interview.  Remember, dress for the job you want- not the job you have. If this means spicing up your wardrobe a little, so be it. The type of job you are applying for will determine how dressy, creative or professional your attire will be. Regardless of the environment, you’ll want to ensure that your clothing is clean, well pressed and appropriate (sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised).  For ladies, avoid over-doing the makeup and even avoid perfume; you never know who could have a sensitivity to smells. A blazer for both guys and gals can be a great addition and used for both dressy and casual wear. It’s a good idea to invest in one that you can multiple uses out of.


DO Find the Happy Medium

Find what works for you and the work environment without comprising your inner personality. To really make a lasting impression, you’ll want to stand out, but not too much! Most tech interviews are slightly more casual, you won’t want to wear a suit; Dark slacks and a tucked in shirt should do the job. If your social image is way different from your professional, that’s okay, but don’t hide yourself! It’s okay for women to accessorize and for men to wear some color if that’s who they are (as long as you look professional).  There are many studies on which colors you shouldn’t wear to a job interview. In most cases, blue is the ultimate “safe” choice while brown is a color you should avoid. Black is considered a “leadership” color, while white states that you’re organized. If this sounds crazy to you, you’re not alone; but I agree with it! When going to an interview find the attire that fits the mold of the position and match it. Walk in confidently and remember to be yourself; this is your opportunity to show you are the best fit!

I hope these tips help you decide to wear to your next interview!  If you’re looking for employment, you can schedule a consultation with one of our awesome recruiters or use the search below.

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