IT Salaries in the Backyards of Super Bowl XLIX


In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl,  we have put together a basic report of IT salaries for a few of the top positions that we staff right in their backyards. The below data includes the median for the full-time IT salaries of each position. The results for each location were gathered from Wanted Analytics:

NE Patriots- IT salaries in New England:

EDI Analyst:                       $91,450

QA Analyst:                        $89,150

Integration Architect:         $91,100

Software Engineer:           $106,250

Seattle Seahawks- IT salaries in Seattle, WA:

EDI Analyst:                       $91,450

QA Analyst:                        $91,100

Integration Architect:         $98,500

Software Engineer:           $106,250


Best wishes to both of the teams in Arizona this weekend!











The data in this report includes the median full-time IT salaries for each of the positions as of reports available on January 29, 2015 in Wanted Analytics. If you have any questions about the hourly rates for a contract employee, please feel free to contact us at

EDI Staffing is a nationwide provider of both contract and permanent staffing solutions.

EDI Staffing can produce a detailed 8 page Competitive Salary Analysis report for you. What to expect in your analysis:

– Local average salary for each job title

– National average salary for each job title

– Hiring scale heat map

– Salary ranges in alternative locations


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