3 Career Goals to Consider in 2015


At this point, most people have made resolutions, attempted them and forgotten them. As we make and break these resolutions, we should consider the goals we still can meet. I’ve put together some career goals we should all attempt to better ourselves as professionals and individuals.


Expand Your Horizons

It’s easy to get comfortable in your job. The hustle and bustle of Monday through Friday makes it easy to get lost in your career; especially when you do it well.  A lot of us like to hone our skills and perfect them and it’s easy to forget to grow.  Set the goal to become more versatile within your work place.  Add skills to your resume that look more valuable to your current employer or your future employer.  It can never hurt!


Self -Assessment

Self-awareness is crucial to the success of yourself and the company you’re currently working for. It takes guts to look in the mirror and evaluate what you do well and what needs some work. Make it a goal to assess yourself. You can start by making a list of those things that need improvement. Reach out to your co-workers and managers to evaluate where you can improve. While a lot of companies hold annual reviews, you can look into meeting with your manager more frequently to keep on top of meeting your goals. By doing this you are continuously developing your skills and making yourself a more valuable employee and individual.

Help Others

We have all been there: starting a new position or a new career.  It can be intimidating and down right scary at times. I remember my first day on the job ten years ago, fresh out of college.  I remember they took me right in and showed the ropes.  Made me feel right at home in my new position and made the transition seamless.  I never forgot that and I try to incorporate that now as a seasoned veteran in my role. Helping others also helps you refresh yourself in areas you might have not visited in a while.

If finding a new career is one of your goals, we can help.

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