How to Choose a Staffing Firm- Job Seekers


Finding the right job is hard enough.  Finding the right staffing firm to work with doesn’t have to be.  In this blog I’d like to highlight three things to consider when choosing the right staffing firm to work with as a job seeker.


How long have they been in business?

Let’s face it; there are thousands of staffing companies nowadays so it can be overwhelming trying to find the right one.  It’s important to find out how long have they been in business to not only gain a level of trust, but also find out how many prospective clients they work with. Do they work with small companies or are they are a part of huge company vendor lists?  Checking their website and social media should provide a look at not only their jobs posted, but also provide background information on the company.   Asking how many candidates they have submitted and placed at a company will give you a quick idea of the relationship the staffing company has with each client.  Ask your peers what staffing companies they recommend from experience because sometimes referrals can be the best avenue to pursue.

How good is their communication?

An imperative part of the job search process is sound communication amongst all parties involved; you should get a sense of this right from the start of the job search process.  Staffing companies should be thought of as your ally when it comes to finding you the right job.  Just like in any relationship, communication from day one needs to be consistent in order to start momentum of the search process and remain consistent throughout the whole process until you are hired.  Not only are staffing companies supposed to find you the right job, they should also be involved in helping to fix your resume, provide insight on the market trends and give advice when it comes to interview tips and techniques.  Sometimes a simple call back with feedback means building the right rapport with your recruiter.  Also from experience in working in this busy day and age, e-mail seems to be the best way to communicate throughout the day with recruiters, and there’s no such thing as a dumb question; if something pops up-ask away.

How honest and moral are they?

Along the same lines of communication is the subject of morality and honesty.  It’s important the staffing company is upfront with rate/salary information as well as job responsibilities and vital company information from day one.  There can be some negotiation involved, but if it appears to be one sided in terms of money then it’s time to move on.   It’s also important to go over the contracts ahead of time and the staffing company should be there for any questions or concerns you might have so there is no gray area.  You deserve a fair amount of customer service. Work with a recruiter who aligns with your needs rather than just seeing you as a dollar sign.

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About Craig Farley

Craig Farley spent the last 9 years as a Technical Resource Manager, staffing IT and EDI professionals nationwide, with a focus on the Midwest and West Coast territories. His industry experience as a senior technical recruiter is unmatched, and he has worked with candidates in full lifecycle recruiting for contract, contract to hire and direct hire positions through a variety of industries and technologies.

With all of this experience, Craig has transitioned to Director of Business Development for the Midwest Territory. He brings with him his technical recruiting knowledge and is ready to assist our clients in finding the perfect match for their technical needs. Craig is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. In his spare time he enjoys sports, working out, music and writing.

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