Better Staffing Comes in Small Packages


shutterstock_104023724In a time where employees are hopping from job to job, we have the exact opposite! Our employee retention is incredible and because of this, we believe we can be a better business partner to our clients. While there are many advantages to working with a smaller staffing company, the best that I like to point out is our customer service. Our CEO hand picks each and every employee, while larger companies cannot say the same. I am constantly hearing of these “big name” staffing agencies doing massive hiring frenzies and then letting go 200 employees three months later- we’re not about that. Our mission is to build the best team possible that is customer centric, efficient, and knowledgeable. You can pick up the phone and call us anytime and any one of our employees can help you with ANY situation.

While the business we do is not “small” by any means, our dedicated team is able to give individualized care to each and every client. Since each of our employees has been here for many, many years, you’re not speaking with an entry level sales representative that doesn’t know the difference between Java and C++.

In addition, when you need a decision made and quickly, our team has the authority to act as needed; larger firms have a chain of managers to report to before they can put a contract into motion. We can be flexible with budget because our main priority is the client. Our National Account Managers have one goal: to develop long term relationships with clients and staff their every need. Quite simply, it’s just easier to do business with us.

Our employees come from all walks of life, but one thing they all have in common is longevity. Here’s what some of them had to say about working for EDI Staffing:

WayneWorking for a smaller company, as opposed to a Fortune 250 company, was a bit of a shock when I started at EDI Staffing.  Gone was all the formal structure; the policies and procedures; the turf battles and politics; the endless, often meaningless meetings; and the need to justify everything to the nth degree, all the way up the chain.  As I would quickly come to realize, this was all an advantage.  We could be nimble, autonomous, responsive – and contribute to our full potential.   It’s akin to hitting the top of Maslow’s famous triangle.  As an added bonus, I have had the pleasure of working with the same really nice and hardworking people for many, many years. I can sum it up this way.  I go right to the President, ask if I can do something, and get an immediate yes or no.  In 16 years, I don’t remember him saying no! – Wayne Marshall,Vice President, Professional Services and Information Security Officer, 16 years with EDI Staffing.  


AdamI think of the people I work with every day as more than just co-workers: I have the privilege of working with a small, like-minded and extremely hard-working group of friends and family. The loyalty, passion and commitment to the success of one another, of our company and of our customers is unrivaled. I’m able to stand more strongly behind what we do with the knowledge that every single person I work alongside would say the same. -Adam Barron, Technical Resource Manager, 8 years with EDI Staffing


lori3I have worked at larger corporations in the past and the difference is night and day.  Here at EDI Staffing, we have a great comradery with colleagues where we work together toward a common goal and people celebrate each others’ successes.  In addition, we are not stuck in the ‘but we’ve always done it that way’ rut, mostly because decision makers are accessible for questions and give the go-ahead for outside the box suggestions.  With so little employee turnover, it is great to be surrounded by such a wealth of experience and knowledge. – Lori Noel, Technical Resource Manager, 3 years with EDI Staffing.


craig1What I enjoy most about this size company is that you get to build a better rapport with all your co-workers.  Throughout the years everyone has become friends with each other outside of work and friendly with each other’s families.  It’s nice to come to work every day knowing you work with a great group of people and know you aren’t just a number like you are in larger companies. We’re a better team because of this.  – Craig Farley, Technical Resource Manager, 9 years with EDI Staffing

EDI Staffing has seasoned industry Account Managers and Recruiters who understand our client’s IT needs and can help IT Managers write
fillable job descriptions. We also all have personal relationships developed with our clients – We have met with many of our clients face to face and really understand their business.  In many cases, we have become their ‘GO TO’ EDI and IT Staffing Partner. I truly believe that we offer competitive and flexible hourly contract rates as compared with some of our competitors. -Barbara Feldman, National Account Manager, 5 years with EDI Staffing


About Gabriella Calise

Gabriella began her career at EDI Staffing in 2014 as the Manager of Marketing and Client Services where she used her passion for social media and technology to connect top IT talent with our client partners. In 2016 Gabriella became the Executive Vice President of EDI Staffing, where she works closely with the President/CEO to find new and inventive ways to assist our clients and candidates. Gabriella oversees the day to day functions of the staff and continues to head our marketing and outreach efforts.

Outside of EDI Staffing, Gabriella teaches Saxophone and Clarinet privately. She enjoys exploring new places and spending time with her family and friends.

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