How to Cope with Holiday Office Parties


For some companies the holiday party is the only official social event of the year. These nights can be fun but also stressful, anxiety producing and dreaded!  However, you might use this event as a networking opportunity to meet people and let loose a bit. Get to know your coworkers that you don’t see often, especially if you work remotely.


Here are some strategies that will help you get through the night.

Talk about them.

Most people love to talk about themselves. Try throwing the attention back on them; talk about holiday plans, upcoming travel, family and where they live. You may find you have more in common than you thought!

Read up on current events.

It is not always good to mix politics with pleasure however, there will most likely be some discussion surrounding it at your holiday event. It is always good to know the latest news, what “the state of the union is” and maybe some light happenings to spark conversation.

Talk about yourself.

At these events it’s important to relax and open yourself up to the idea of talking about yourself. Especially if you start by asking people about themselves, the question will most likely be reciprocated. Oversharing or having that “awkward silence” makes for an uncomfortable situation, so consider preparing a few topics to talk about (your family, trips, pets, a holiday event or your kids). A big mistake that some make at these events is not socializing and avoiding conversation. These conversations are what help develop relationships inside and outside of the office.

Stay away from the Bar.

I wouldn’t set up camp for the night at the bar.  It only leads to regrettable behavior and a risky situation for which your boss could be liable for if you ever injured someone.  Best to limit yourself to a few drinks as you don’t want to be “that person”!

How to dress:

I know you think you look great from all the body pump classes you’ve been taking, but showing it all off at the company holiday party might not be the best venue.  There is a time and a place for everything.  Etiquette is very important when you are setting the precedence that you want to have respect in your workplace.  The big thing to remember is although you might be amongst your friends, these are still your colleagues.  It is an event to celebrate the success of your hard work and goals for your year ahead.


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