How the Cloud Will Affect IT Staffing in 2016


It’s no secret many IT employees have mixed feelings about the cloud. On one hand, the cloud is an effective information storage and retrieval system; on the other, it’s often seen as a threat to IT job security. Fortunately, concerns about the cloud and IT staffing don’t always come to fruition.

As we venture on into 2016, IT specialists will likely see the cloud has a positive, rather than negative, effect on job security. Here’s what you need to know:shutterstock_146680703

The Cloud May Actually Create Jobs for IT Specialists

While many IT workers see the cloud as a threat to their employment, IDC’s Cloud Employment Model actually argues the opposite. According to the model, jobs requiring skill in cloud-based systems grew at an annual rate of 26 percent in 2015. This number is expected to increase in 2016, with a projected growth rate on track to generate upwards of 7 million IT jobs around the world.

The Unemployment Rate Will Continue to Fall

2015 was a banner year for IT departments across the country and many experts believe 2016 will be no different. The unemployment rate for 2015 averaged about 2.3 percent and is forecast to dip even lower this year. In fact, a majority of CIOs currently plan to add more staff to fill vacant positions or to accommodate new positions (in sectors like mobile app development and net development) created by the implementation of cloud technologies.

The Growing Popularity of the Cloud Will Create New Roles

The adoption of cloud computing changes the way companies need to staff, but doesn’t always reduce total staff numbers. Rather than reducing jobs in IT departments, it’s likely the cloud will necessitate the need for new roles and skills throughout 2016 and beyond.

Cloud-Based Skills Will be in Demand

As it stands now, many IT positions related to the cloud are unfilled due to a lack of suitable candidates, so focusing on building these skills is a fantastic way for concerned IT specialists to ensure job security throughout the new year. As more and more companies adopt cloud-based systems, IT specialists with skills in hot and trending sectors like automation, performance optimization, virtualization and performance monitoring will be in demand. If you’re looking for IT candidates, look no further. We can provide contract, contract to hire or permanent resources for any and all of your needs.


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