The 2016 Recruiting Oscars


As we wrap up the 2016 Oscar season, I find that I am breathing a bit easier now the Leo has finally won his Oscar; an Oscar he truly deserved in my humble opinion, but that is a conversation for another blog. In the Staffing industry, we also have to prep and prepare our candidates for their “red carpet” interview, so I would like to give out some recruiting awards to the individuals in our industry who make it memorable. I have kept the names and identities private but most of us have come across the following experiences at one point. … Drum roll please…


2016 Recruiting Oscars


Best Director:

This award goes to the hiring manager that gives feedback in 24-48 hours.  He/She has the correct salary/rate (industry average or above) and approved budget for their position(s). They always have an updated job description and explain the hiring process in advance. This manager works as your partner, directing the agency so that everyone can be successful in the search!

Best Actor/Actress:

This award goes the candidate that is honest and truthful in regards to their skills and experience.  This person works with their recruiter and truly explains their motivation behind looking for another position. I give the award to this candidate because if the recruiter can satisfy all of their requirements, they ACCEPT the new opportunity! Flexibility and availability are strong qualities they possess. shutterstock_346364657

Best Supporting Actor/Actress:

This award goes to all of the individuals that help facilitate the hiring process. This is the accounting, compliance, and human resource teams that keep the consultant happy while they do what they do best.

Best Visual Effects:

This award (??) unfortunately goes the candidate that dresses up their resume but does not have any of the skills or experience that are listed. This candidate looks great on paper but did some creative writing on their resume. Lesson to those who are hiring: looks can be deceiving when it comes to resumes. Having a staffing and recruiting company to do the research can often times help you avoid these issues.

Best Costume Design:

This award is given to the candidate who is actually pretending to be a different person. Everything appears to be going great in the beginning stages until you find out that this person is in fact not who they are claiming to be. Unfortunately this is the new normal in this world, but thankfully we as a staffing agency have the tools to nip this in the bud.

Best Picture:

This award goes to the job description that explains the position in perfect detail. It will include: technical skills, soft skills, salary, bonuses, benefits/culture and environment of the company. In turn, this job description will attract the most qualified candidates and makes life easier for both the hiring manager and the recruiter.

As with any awards show, there is the final curtain-  I would like to take this time to thank my family, wife and 2 children as well as all my teammates here at EDI Staffing. Without them none of this would be possible.  Have a great day and Good luck in your searches and hopefully everything will come up Gold.

About Andy Oliver

Andy has worked with EDI Staffing since 1999, recruiting for various positions from contract to permanent within a variety of industries and technologies. His recruitment experience has been working predominantly in the Southeast region of the U.S.

Andy has helped the recruiting team at EDI Staffing to grow and utilize the latest technology and trends in the recruiting industry. He is a graduate of UMass Dartmouth with a Bachelor’s in marketing. Andy is the proud parent of two children, Shayna and Lucas, and also enjoys the local Boston Sports teams: Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox.

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