4 Ways to Find Information Technology Problem Solvers


If you’re hiring information technology or EDI specific workers for contract or permanent positions, you need people who look for good solutions. Be familiar with these four questions, which allow an individual to showcase their problem-solving skills.

#1: After Describing the Project to Be Completed, Ask, “What Types of EDI Solutions Are Available?”

This question tests the Electronic Data Interchange knowledge of the worker and asks which of the three existing EDI solutions will work best for the project. The worker’s choice of EDI software, web-based EDI and EDI service bureaus, as well as his or her explanation of the choice, will inform you on how familiar the worker is with each option, its costs and its advantages and disadvantages.

shutterstock_119976049#2: How Do You Plan for Upgrades?

This question is for workers in data/database management to check that the individual has gone through at least one upgrade. Database software programs are usually updated once every two to three years. Going through an upgrade usually requires a project plan and timeline, as well as data migration and verification. You can learn from the individual’s experience and hear how they designed a successful approach to the problem.

#3: You Are Several Months Into a Six Month-long Project and You Are Exceeding Costs. How Would You Handle This?

This question is particularly helpful for individuals in healthcare IT (HIT). Interviewees should utilize their knowledge of the industry to determine what components of the project should be curtailed and what, if any, should be expanded. They may suggest reviewing the client’s goals and requesting an understanding of how the client feels about allowing remote access to files and reducing the use of paper forms.

#4: How Can You Reduce the Load Time of a Web Application You Have Written?

This question is directed toward individuals in web development. The question will point you to a specific web application the interviewee has written and show you how well they usually perform a job. Some of the standard answers to this question include optimizing images to no longer than their screen resolution and saving them as compressed files, and eliminating Javascript files to reduce the amount of transferable data.

One or more well-phrased questions will be able to tell you a lot about a candidate. You can then focus on questions that relate to the candidate’s education, job history, personality, skill set and fit with the company culture. You may want to create a few remote skills exercises and screen-sharing interviews to see how the candidate solves problems in real time. Good luck with your interviews!

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