Tips for Recruiting a Superior IT Staff


Innovative technology is an essential part of your business operations, but finding the right IT talent proves difficult in a job market filled with a significant skill gap. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an additional one million positions for IT workers will open up in the near future. You’re working with a buyer’s market currently, and your IT recruiting method should reflect this.

Creating an Attractive Offer for IT Positions

The market makes it a given that you’re going to need to provide a competitive salary for many IT positions. Go beyond standard benefits and consider your ideal prospect’s perspective. What do they value the most from their employer? For example, if you wanted to target millennial IT talent, telecommute, flexible schedules and the ability to collaborate on different and important projects are high on their list.

Consult with the IT department when you create the job description, as HR may not know about your technology stack or the top priority skills that you need in your organization. Avoid vague ads that expect competency in a laundry list of technology.

shutterstock_380400835-1Screening for Inaccuracies on Resumes

Your initial resume scans get rid of applicants who miss your basic criteria, which gives you the time to look for errors. Some job seekers may claim years of experience in technology that has only been out for a year, reference companies that did not exist at the supposed hire date and other inconsistencies.

Conducting a Technical Interview

Involve your IT department in the interviewing process. After you go through the initial interview, bring in the employees the applicant will work with day in and out. They can see whether the potential IT employee meshes with the department’s culture, provide relevant testing on technical skills and provide an expert assessment alongside HR’s suggestions.

Working With an IT Recruiting/Staffing Agency

You have a lot riding on choosing the right IT staff for your company. If your hiring process doesn’t produce the expected results, you could end up paying up to 213 percent of the annual salary to find a replacement. An IT staffing agency has extensive experience in recruiting talent to fill your short- or long-term IT needs. You don’t have to allocate a significant amount of human resources during the employee hunt as the agency handles this process for you.

The IT skills gap is only going to get worse in certain areas, such as big data. Take the time to find talent that will enrich your company and stay with it as you grow into an innovative future.

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