Outdated Interview Questions and How To Improve


You have a lot riding on your interview process. Analysts, application development specialists, and engineers are in high demand, which means they spend a lot of time with hiring managers. If you ask the same outdated questions as everyone else, highly skilled IT talent may write off your company as a place they wouldn’t want to work. Here are the questions that have no place in your IT interviews.

Where Will You Be in Five Years?

You use this question to get a sense of the potential employee’s career path and their near future plans, but it’s one of the most common interview questions. Consider asking the applicant about where they think relevant technology in five years would look like.

How Well Do You Handle Deadlines?

No one is going to say they’re bad at deadlines or stress unless they’re intentionally trying to fail at the interviewing stage. A canned answer doesn’t give you any additional insight into their thought process. Instead, question their time management skills and how they prioritize their workload as developers.

What’s One Thing in Your Life You Would Do Differently?

Top IT performers often have multiple offers in hand. If they feel disrespected in the interview, it creates a bad first impression and may hinder your employer branding strategies. This question oversteps professional boundaries and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere between the interviewer and the candidate.

Brain Teaser Questions

These questions come in many forms with the intention of discovering a job seeker’s problem-solving processes. However, you can put this time to better use by asking the potential employee about how they would solve a technical problem with their IT skillset.

How to Improve Your IT Interviewing Process

The demand for IT talent continues to rise, which makes it difficult to get successful candidates. If you don’t have a lot of experience with technical interviews, you end up with employees who don’t work out over the long term. The costs associated with turnover are substantial and impact your IT staffing goals.

Use an experienced staffing company, to handle your IT consulting and hiring needs. Their entire business model revolves around finding and interviewing the best IT candidates, so they have a process in place to bring in high-quality recruits. You get the technology talent you need without going through an expensive trial-and-error process.

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