Top 5 IT Interview Questions


Getting ready to hire your next IT employee? It can be stressful trying to find a candidate that is well-qualified, highly skilled, and an otherwise great fit for your company.
That’s why the questions you ask during the interview process could make all the difference. You want to ask smart, thought-provoking questions that will help you get to know how the candidate works and behaves on a daily basis.
With this in mind, we’ve compiled the top five interview questions you’ll want to include while interviewing your next IT candidate.

1. Tell us about a time when you were given a project involving technology you were unfamiliar with. How did you go about finishing the project successfully?

This question gives you some insight into how the candidate handles challenges, as well as an idea of their willingness to work with new or unfamiliar technologies. How did they handle the learning curve? How quickly did they pick up the new technology? And, perhaps most importantly—what was their attitude about the project?

2. What technology related companies or individuals do you follow on social media? What is something interesting they’ve shared lately?

You want someone that is passionate about the IT industry. The right candidate will be interested in IT trends, rising talents, and the words and ideas of industry leaders.

3. Have you ever worked on a project that failed or otherwise got off track? Tell us about the role you played in that.

This question is meant to draw out some ownership in the candidate. You want someone who is able to admit to their failures and mistakes, take ownership of them, and learn how to avoid them in the future.

4. What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on recently?

This could tell you a lot about the kind of work the client enjoys doing. Is the project similar to work they’ll be doing at your company? Is it difficult for them to come up with a project they actually enjoyed working on? Pay attention to their level of excitement and energy as they answer this question.

5. The case study.

Your company is faced with its own unique set of challenges on a daily basis. Your employees should be able to solve those problems effectively. Present the job candidate with a case study based on a real-life problem your company faces regularly. How would they handle it?
Using these interview questions will go a long way in narrowing down your candidates for an IT position, but interviewing is only the tip of the iceberg. Hiring is overwhelming and turnover is costly. Consider hiring a specialized staffing company to help you fill your next IT position. With years of experience matching qualified candidates to searching companies, they can help you find the IT employee you’re looking for.

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