Job-Hunting Tips for IT Professionals


Job-hunting can be pretty intimidating, no matter what industry you’re in. The world of IT is no exception. Because there is a consistent demand for talented IT professionals, those looking for a job in IT may not know where to start. How can you find a job that best fits your needs and skill set?

We’re here to make your search a little easier. With years of experience in IT staffing, we’ve uncovered some secrets to successful job hunting for IT professionals. Take a look at some of our best tips.

Know Exactly What You’re Looking For.

It’ll be hard to land the job of your dreams if you don’t even know exactly what that is. What company would you like to work for “someday?” Would there be any way to make that happen sooner? If not, what type of job might be the first step in getting you there? What specific position would you really excel at? What type of job would you find boring or mundane? Finding honest answers to these questions may take a little soul searching, but it will pay off in your job hunt.

Polish Your Online Persona.

IT professionals are claiming to be experts in the tech field, so it makes sense that their online profiles and accounts should be up to date and polished. Update your profiles or bios to reflect past work experience and special training you’ve received. Share important news related to your field. Follow, or connect with, industry leaders, and use the things they share to craft your own ideas and insights. The goal is to show that you are passionate about your field and interested in how your industry is progressing. This will look very impressive to potential employers.

Network and Make Connections.

An IT candidate with a strong personal recommendation is going to be more appealing to employers. Join tech groups (there are bound to be a few in your area) and attend meetups, lunches, and other events that will give you a chance to expand your network and make meaningful connections. When the time comes to hunt for a new job, your network could be an indispensable resource.

Double-check Your Resume.

Your resume needs to cover the basics (education, past work experience, etc.) but it should also highlight the areas in which you really excel. If you’ve received any special training or certification in a certain area, make note of it. If there’s one aspect of your job that you love or are really great at, mention it. Don’t be cocky or brash; just list your strengths and let them speak for themselves. When you can, tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for, making sure that you meet their requirements. And make sure to double-check your resume for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as errors could appear unprofessional or lazy.
If the prospect of IT job hunting is overwhelming, these tips should help you enter the game with a little more preparation and confidence. Know what you want, prepare yourself well, and go after it! We’re rooting for you.

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