EDI Staffing: 24 Years of Connection, Growth, and Innovation


Joseph Gilbody started a staffing company on his front porch in 1994, with little more than a strong vision and a stronger desire to help people. Having worked for over 20 years in information technology, Joe recognized the increasing importance of EDI, and the growing need for talented individuals to move the industry forward. He knew that facilitating connections between those individuals and potential employers would make a difference—not just in the lives of those people, but in the success of those companies and of the industry in general.
What he didn’t know is that his company, EDI Staffing, would still be making that vision a reality, 24 years later, in bigger ways than he could have ever imagined.
EDI Staffing is celebrating 24 years of business this month, and in commemoration of this milestone, we’ve asked some of our own staff to comment on their experiences at EDI, and to share their perspectives on the impact this company has had in over two decades of business.
Here’s what they had to say.
“I have been here at EDI Staffing since 2006 and, although some days are certainly better than others, I love every minute of every day. Our core values of accountability, innovation, integrity, teamwork and work ethic come first, and every person here has a valued voice and a place at the table. I am so excited to see what the future holds for us over the next 24 years and beyond.”
– Adam Barron, Technical Recruiter
“My time at EDI Staffing has been a very rewarding experience. EDI Staffing has fostered a culture of togetherness in working toward achieving success and reaching goals, both individually and as a company. I have very much enjoyed my time here, and am looking forward to the years to come.”
– Aaron Goldblatt, Technical Recruiter
“Being in the staffing industry, you know that a company’s success is driven by its employees, and EDI Staffing fully embodies that philosophy. It is a place where you are supported professionally, and you know that management not only cares about the work that you do, but they care about you on a personal level. This type of approach and familial atmosphere is just one of the reasons that the company is so successful and is one reason people enjoy working here. Congrats on 24 years in business EDI Staffing, and cheers to 24 more years of success!”
– Alex Taratuta, Director of Business Development
“EDI staffing has been great to me, giving me a new perspective on the staffing industry. I appreciate the fact that EDI is “family focused” and company events include our families as well. I feel like we are all able to communicate well and everyone here is focused on the goal of placing our candidates in jobs that suit them well.”
– Paul Levesuqe, Technical Recruiter
“I must say that this is the best place I have worked. Everyone cares for one another and each individual is shown how much they are appreciated. This an employer that understands how important work life balance is.”
– Robyn Wolf, Technical Recruiter
“EDI Staffing is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. It’s a family owned business that truly cares about their employees. There’s a receptive management team that listens to employees’ ideas and issues, and acknowledges and rewards those who work hard.”
-Barbara Feldman, Director of Business Development
“I’ve only been with EDI for 1/24th of the time the company has been in existence, but I can tell you that this is a great company with great values. There’s a reason they’ve been successful for this long. It’s been a great year and I am looking forward to many ahead!”
– Brian Long, Technical Recruiter
“I have held various positions in my adult career and I can truly say that I have never once worked in an environment where there is such high regard for the employees. I can honestly say that I actually look forward to coming to work in the morning. Onward and upward we go!”
– Geoff Sarro, Technical Recruiter
“I had the opportunity to come work at EDI Staffing in 1998, not long after graduating college. I’ve spent 20 years, nearly my entire career, with this staffing agency. Though we’ve grown exponentially over the years, it still remains a family company and a fun place to work. The owner has seen me through two moves out of state and raising both my daughters over the past two decades while giving me job security and a career path with the company. I look forward to many more years of seeing this company grow as well as it’s extended family.”
– Dean Anderson, VP of Sales
“EDI Staffing genuinely cares about the clients who use our recruiting and staffing services. The EDI Staffing Leadership Team are true to their values of integrity, accountability, candidate experience, client satisfaction and retention. I am proud to work with such a great organization.”
– John Maher, Director of Business Development
As we move towards our 25th year of business, we are grateful to our teams and clients who have worked hard to make our growth and success possible. We remain committed to carrying our values forward and to providing an exceptional experience for our clients and partners.
Here’s to another great year!

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