5 Ways Using a Staffing Agency Makes Your Life Easier


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Finding, hiring, and retaining good talent are some of the most important things that companies can do. The people that you employ are the ones that will shape the culture of the company, determine the company’s profitability, and set the company up for future success (hopefully). That’s why it’s vital that companies take the hiring process seriously, and do everything they can to avoid costly hiring mistakes.


As important as it is, the hiring process can also be time-consuming, frustrating, and even confusing. Where do you post your job ad? What if the ideal person for the job is comfortable at their current job? When are you going to have the time to sift through dozens of resumes and set up multiple interviews?


Staffing agencies have been around for years, helping companies solve these very problems (and more). The purpose of a staffing agency is to take the pain out of hiring, so you can fill positions quickly without significant disruption. Here are five ways using a staffing agency makes your life easier.


  • Fill positions faster. One of the biggest benefits of using a staffing agency comes from the fact that they can save you a lot of time. Not only do staffing agencies like EDI Staffing have databases full of industry professionals, but they can also sift through applications and resumes for you, immediately weeding out unqualified applicants (so you don’t have to). 
  • Get more exposure. How can you be sure you’ve made your open position known to the greatest number of qualified candidates? How many job boards did you post to? Are you sure they’re the best ones? What if the best candidates for the job don’t even know that you’re hiring? A staffing agency can help, utilizing its extensive resources to make sure that your job opening is seen by the right people. 
  • Make recruiting easier. Staffing agencies are better able to find and attract people who are not actively looking for a job. This widens your pool of possible candidates and increases your chances of finding a highly qualified employee. This type of recruiting could be very time-consuming and frustrating for an HR department or manager, but a staffing agency can dramatically lessen that burden.
  • Leverage some expertise. Staffing agencies are good at what they do. With deep expertise in hiring, they are able to focus completely on staffing responsibilities, unlike HR departments who usually have a lot more on their plates. Expert recruiters at staffing agencies are familiar with their industries and know what it takes for an employee to be successful. That translates to a better chance at a successful hire. 
  • Go beyond hiring. Some staffing agencies offer services that extend past the hire. EDI Staffing, for example, offers Professional Services that include things like project estimation, onboarding, developing statements of work, and more. In this way, a staffing agency can become not just a resource for filling open positions, but a vital partner in the success and growth of your business.


If you’ve ever considered using a staffing agency, these benefits might encourage you to take the leap. If you need more information about how a staffing agency could help you, contact EDI Staffing. With years of staffing experience, we’ll be able to show you the difference that our processes can make in your company. Contact us today through our online form, or call us at 800-821-4644.

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