What Perks Are Job Seekers Looking For?


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Hiring is often seen as going in one direction: the company hires the employee. In reality, it’s more of a two-way street than that. If you think about it, job seekers are holding an “interview process” of their own, trying to find a company that meets their needs in terms of salary, responsibilities, and expectations. And in a job seekers’ market, they can afford to be a bit pickier with their criteria.

That’s why it’s important for companies to know the kinds of perks that job seekers are looking for. When you’re able to offer those perks, you’ll stand out above the competition and be able to attract and hire the top talent you’re looking for.

Here’s a quick look at some of the perks job seekers are looking for today.


Today’s job seekers value flexibility. A more flexible workplace ditches the traditional Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, at the office pattern, in favor of allowing employees to find a schedule that works better for their personal lives and productivity patterns. This helps alleviate stress among your employees since they are able to get their work done in a way that suits them. When thinking about adding flexibility to the workplace, consider things like work-from-home days and less rigid office hours, but also less obvious things like a flexible dress code or extended lunch breaks.

Extra Benefits

Benefits packages of some sort are largely expected these days, so you probably have some sort of health insurance plan for your employees, and maybe even a 401k program. Things like these are quickly becoming table stakes, but there are other benefits you can offer your employees that would definitely be perks.

Think about benefits like stock options, paid volunteer experiences, and reimbursements for things like commuting, education expenses, and gym memberships. Talk to your current team to find out which benefits fit your company’s culture and style. Adopting these unique benefits will definitely make you an appealing option for job seekers.

A Better Workplace

Sure, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a company by its office? Some job seekers will. A comfortable, well-styled office will stand out much more than, say, an endless line of gray cubicles. Create an office environment that reflects your company culture, so that anyone who visits your office would immediately get an idea of what you value and represent.

Another thing to consider here is your equipment. When your people have the best tools, they’ll do the best work. A job seeker will be attracted to a company that clearly values its employees by giving them updated equipment. Finally, consider the social aspect of your workplace. Small things like weekly lunches or happy hours can go a long way toward making your company a top choice.

Generous Sick/Vacation Leave Policies

Similar to the “flexibility” perk, this perk allows your employees to take time off when they need it—whether they’re sick and need rest, or burned out and need a break, or just had a baby and need to spend some time with family. No matter the reason, having this kind of policy will help your employees feel valued, trusted, and appreciated. Make sure you make this perk well-known to job seekers, as it will undoubtedly be a mark in your “pro” column.

Some of these perks are bigger (and more expensive) than others, but the truth is, you can’t really put a price on making a great hire. Using perks like these to attract job seekers will give you the edge over your competition, so you can find, hire, and keep employees that will help grow your company.

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