How to Make Sure Your Employees Get the Most Out of Training Conferences


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Training conferences can be a fantastic investment in the professional growth and development of your employees. Sending members of your staff to training conferences can result in them returning with new ideas, a fresh perspective, and renewed motivation.


But how can you make sure your employees get the most out of the training conferences they attend? We have some tips that will help you increase your chances for conference success.


  • Go over the schedule ahead of time. One secret that regular conference-goers will tell you is to look over the schedule ahead of time. If there are multiple tracks, help your employee to choose the ones that are most pertinent to their specific role. They should also take note of any social events, so they can make plans accordingly. This will help them feel less overwhelmed when they get there.
  • Give them an extra day for travel. You want to make sure your employee doesn’t miss any part of the conference, so if they have to travel to get there, make sure they arrive in plenty of time to make it to the first events. Similarly, make sure they don’t have to leave before the conference wraps up.
  • Make connections. Do you know anyone else going to the conference? Connect your employee with them ahead of time so they already have someone they know when they get there. This will not only expand their networking opportunities but also help them feel more comfortable socially.
  • Encourage socialization. Conferences are not only about learning. They also give attendees the opportunity to network with other professionals and make new connections within the industry. Encourage your employee to attend social events so that they can meet new people.
  • Talk to someone who has been there before. Different conferences operate differently, and it can be helpful to know what to expect ahead of time. Talk to someone who has been to the conference before so your employee can know what to expect in terms of crowds, wait times, dress code, and more.
  • Ask them to present the content when they get back. The rest of your team could probably benefit from the conference content as well, so task your employee with sharing what they learned when they get back. This will encourage them to pay close attention during the classes.


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A conference can be a great investment in your staff, but make sure you follow these tips to help them get the most out of the experience.

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